13 of the Creepiest Things in the Disney Parks

Bet you didn’t expect to be creeped out at the Most Magical Place on Earth! We’ve got 13 of the weirdest and creepiest rides, characters and imagineering details to keep an eye out for on your next Disney trip.

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  1. Bella Cullen

    I get so scared when I’m on the finding Nemo ride and then see the shark animatronic with the Bruce video and I get even more scared when I get off the ride and see that huge Bruce statue

  2. Gabriel Gabay

    i remember a few years ago i went to go meet kylo ren at his meet and greet and i was so excited. a few minutes later we walked in i heard the music and was terrified i couldnt even talk lol!

  3. Puppy Kid

    Sooooo cute toasty toastys

  4. Monster Not War

    Last time I went to Disney world, Kylo Ren kept following me around the main center area of Hollywood studios because he heard my husband shout out my nickname "K" But misheard him and thought he was calling me "Ray."

  5. Heather Jergensen

    So there is a story that you "die" on the Haunted Mansion ride. As you go through the ride, as you approach the axe murderer, your Doom Buggy turns around as if you are falling out of the attic window backwards. You land in the graveyard. You exit the ride through the crypt and become the 1,000th happy haunt.

  6. Nuclear Wessels

    I hated the Dinosaur ride in Animal Kingdom.

  7. Sophia Bokshan

    what about the fact that theres real human sceletons in the pirates of the Caribean ride

  8. Cb C

    I know this is a old series but just chiming in abt what's going at the Mouse House. We all are effected buy this pandemic in one way or another. I my self was out of work for 6 months. Just went back. But you Disney cast member's and fan need to understand its to soon to OPEN. Dont you see Spain and France are closing dwn again and some mid west states are now at full capacity in their hospital s. I knw i knw abt rent and car payments but work most of all but we still need to be safe. What we need is the federal government to stop fight and help us out of this mess for now. Be safe and strong.

  9. • SträwbërriiPästëlAësthëtiç :3 •

    Snow White’s Scary Adventures used scare the living crap out of me when I was a kid, now I like scary stuff

  10. Ander Amozurrutia

    once i was on space mountain and the cast members were delling with something else and we finished our ride and they just didnt see us and let us go again

  11. gourmet pop TARTs

    When I was really young I went and Kylo Ren literally scared me to death LOL

  12. Tess channel

    It's creepy that the video is exactly 11 minutes and 11 seconds long

  13. Ari Terry

    that Bug's Life show in Animal Kingdom is horrifying when you're a kid. Me and my cousin were crying when the show was over. The next time I went on it was about 10 years later and I still felt anxious b/c of that last experience!!

  14. TamaNatcho On

    when she said raise your hand if you know who Caesar I raised my hand LOL!

  15. Melissa Ann

    Fun fact: I worked at Disney and Kylo Ren told me that when he sees a group of adults his goal is to make one of them cry.

  16. The rat cubes

    Did you know the skeletons on pirates of the Caribbean ride had real life sceletons

  17. TypeAVegan

    Did she say “onimous”?? Lololololol

  18. Tina White

    We our going to Disney world

  19. nicolas escamilla

    How many of you are going to disney in 2020?

  20. Annette

    Roastie Tosaties? There so cute.

  21. James Stackhouse

    The pop corn guys reminded of the movie puppet master

  22. musicandbookstrash

    downright horrifying: the real witchcraft book in the haunted mansion

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