3 Day Bushcraft Camp – Foraging Wild Food

Me and my dog Saku spend 3 days & 2 nights fall bushcraft camping. We canoe to where I build a raised bed shelter & forage wild berries and grouse to cook over the campfire. Click “show more” for additional info.

This is Part 2 of a 2 part bushcraft series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHfA8Z4nZrxUUpfXX-iTmUZdeEE0eRi-G.

In part 2 I also scout for a big game caribou hunt, make a wooden spatula and explore the wilderness. This all takes place in mid October 2019, in Newfoundland, Canada.

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Boots provided by: https://www.lowa.ca/en/

—Adventure was filmed with a Canon 80d (18-135mm kit & 50mm prime lens + Gobe 49mm ND Filter/67m UV Filter) and GoPro Hero 5. Edited using Final Cut Pro X

ND Filter made by the environmentally supportive company Gobe:


Front Porch Sitter by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)
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  1. Dave Bradford

    As usual.. another terrific trip/video Joustin and Saky-boy

  2. drkwolfhere

    Love the knife..looks a lot like mine.

  3. Conrad Rideout

    Hey brother. Fabulous vid as per normal. Man those Caplin looked amazing. Looked like a rough paddle back home with a bunch of sleet hitting you. Three seasons in one day. Lol. I certainly do miss home.

  4. jim hurley

    Hey there ,,im in grandfalls in hospital, my wife was wondering where can she pick up your book here in town ,lookin forward to the read !

  5. Ebony Maidan

    The two parts of this trip are fantastic, this one in particular was very impressive, thanks for sharing.

  6. Duane Blackwood

    A Duck's Unlimited Bumper Sticker…….(Forget the puke Sako. There's birds to be HAD !) Keeping it real……thanks !

  7. Brian Wofford

    Nice video. Good shelter set up! Thanks for doing the video,

  8. Heather Oakley

    Great video by you and Saky : )


    How the hell do you only have 22,000 subscribers?? Should be 10,000,000

  10. Will byrd

    Justin you should bring a little flour for frying

  11. Will byrd

    Your getting well up there in the subs Justin.

  12. Roger Brown

    another great adventure, cant wait to see your caribou hunt

  13. Marques Entzminger

    Very relaxing video Sir.  I have started to venture out of the woods of my back yard LOL.  I am not that good yet, so I stay close to home… I am getting there.

  14. don6nell

    That was a great video again, thanks for the adventure. True bush crafter. Your adventures motivate us all to get out and explore the natural wonders all around us but somehow we always forget. I can personally thank you for getting me out again. What size and type canoe are you using? Have a safe and happy holiday season I am looking forward to you and Saku's next one! From Alaska

  15. Michael Dalton

    Great videos man, very inspirational. Keep it up brotha, wont be long and youll be on top of the youtube scene

  16. Andre Charlebois

    try an opinel #7 spine for the ferro rod striker. Best I've ever used. First strike light if you've got a good pile of rind scrapings…

  17. Ben Dryden

    I’ve been watching your vids for a few months now and I don’t remember you tellin how you lost the chiclets. Stick, puck, or fist?

  18. smalltownmoto 1

    Are you aloud to carry a gun in the woods outside of hunting season? Just curious

  19. Paul Barbour

    I am going to check-out that knife, looks like a dandy 4 sure. Please keep the videos just like your doin'em! All the best Justin.

  20. Dave Stelling

    These episodes are a real gift, thanks Justin.
    That Saky is one very fine pup!
    Cheers to you from lake Ontario, New York…

  21. Kit Birskovich

    Watched this for the second time (as with many of your videos) to connect with our planet when I cannot get out. (Soul saunas.) Your videos display a poetic, cinematic spirit — real art: Fellini as bushcraft camper. Also appreciated is your careful, spare narrative. No narcissist blathering here; rather a fellow earth dweller. You have a voice and a style, which I hope you can maintain — their honest beauty. Also: I had a Guiding Eyes for the Blind (New York) reject dog for 13 years named Eddie who resembled Saku so much, I'm sure they have ancestry, down to the curly hair and athleticism in water. (Eddie could read the river current, so fetch a stick thrown by swimming downstream.) Grateful to you for the many hours of a peaceful existence I've had from watching your films. Also: Good dog, Saku! You're a fine dancer! Also respectful change of paddles on the last canoe part home, to the beautiful one you were gifted.

  22. danieldtt

    Turr from Nan, capelin from Mudder. Now that's a feller that's looked after .

  23. Roger Colette

    fun stuff my son . i'll surely look at this again. so i don't miss anything 🙂

  24. Frank Dawe

    Loved this video, Justin. Got a little nasty on the end there as you were gliding across the pond, didn't it. LOL Great job, Buddy.

  25. Rufus Chucklebutty

    Amazing that frying pans grow on trees out there.

  26. John Sturtevant

    That was worth watching just to see the grouse and berries in the pan, good eats! I liked the scenes you filmed while paddling the canoe. It was so quiet and peaceful except for the gentle sound of the paddle in the water.

  27. Antony Lund

    Awesome enjoyed it. Saku the mighty

  28. sailingtheworld2021

    great video my son… i would just like to see one thing.. and it comes from a personal experience .. tie your gun to your boat with a short piece of cord… if you flip the gun will stay with the canoe/boat. not critical, just a suggestion great job.. i am now a subscriber

  29. Michel Off-grid

    Justin pull the two wing a part fresh kill and you have one breast no bone ?Try it neck time

  30. Morten Skogly

    Do you have a recipe for that pancooked cake?

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