60 years old Pakistani Street Food In Rawalpindi – Fry Mutton Tikka Kebabs – Bike Ride in Islamabad

Pindi Aye
Ritviz – Jeet

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  1. Rana Hamza Saif - RHS

    Mera paighan un sbko jo comments kar rahy hain ke is situation me bahr kio phir rahy ho etc.

    Bhai log ye videos corona se pehly ki shoot hui hain. Inko edit ab kar raha.
    Chill karo or apna khyal rakho 😉

    Instagram: ranahamzasaif

  2. Imran Usman

    Such an educated lot…. At least I was expecting some top of the line helmets too, just like the bikes !

  3. Alizain Jesani

    Location kia hai is kabab wali jaga ki?

  4. City of Flowers

    Superb amazing hospitality of Doctor Saab in islamabad. Never seen before

  5. LGG _Rafay

    I am from pindi broo pind aye pindi aye bawaji pindi hai

  6. sirate mustqeem

    ڈاکٹر صاحب کی شخصت بہت شاندار ہے

  7. anjum rehman

    This is about pomp and show , Harley-Davidsons and Pajeros , the upper echelons of cash starved nation. This is more about you being pampered by some rich people and very less of street food !
    A shame.

  8. Muhammad Asim

    Dr Hassan is great and lovely person

  9. Imran Malik

    Hamza brother background song name please…………………………….

  10. Waseem Malik

    Jab kuch acha khayee ohhoo sy behtar ha masha Allah khy

  11. Hamza Sarwar

    Hadi will be looking for his Khaani when he grows up lol

  12. Journalist Aamir Lodhi

    balla tikka banni chowk ka bhi tour karain bhai

  13. MrLalla2020

    پاپا کی بانے او، پنڈی جلو نا۔


    Arey yaar Mai aaj tujhe buttering kartey dekha not good aaj aap bore kiye sorry Bhai but i don't like

  15. Kashmiri vlogs

    Aj plz 1 dafa mera channel b vist krain I hope ap ko bht Acha lgy GA…

  16. qazi shani

    Your videos are awesome. Kindly tag locations of shapacky foods.

  17. Faiza Malik

    Dr Hassan and javeria they both are soo humble and loving.. Stay blessed RHS…

  18. Rajiv Dhir

    pakistan is really far behind from india

  19. Masoom Gangster

    Bawa ji Pindi Pindi ay ….Love from Qatar …Hye mera Rawalpindi

  20. Sajid munir

    Riding bikes without helmet, not acceptable, safety should be first priority.

  21. Fareeha Tariq

    Pagal BBQ kr k us k baad fry kr k SB nutritions zyaa

  22. yash gill

    Bro rawalpindi per or vlogs bunao

  23. salman masood

    Fazool over or fraudiye logon ky sath phir rhy ho .

  24. Shami Shah

    Hamza bhai exact location kia hay in ki pindi main?

  25. Tahir Gehlavi

    Yeh restaurant Rawalpindi may konsi place may hy plz tell

  26. Recipe by Cookwithnaz

    Very nice vlog and good luck bro but yummy foods lovely bro your sister plz my channel like share subscribe kathy Cookwithnaz from gujranwala

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