7 Disney World Experiences That Will Make You Change Your Travel Plans

Catching your favorite band in Epcot, meeting a celebrity chef, and can’t-miss dessert parties — we’ve got 7 Disney dining experiences you’ll want to change your plans for!

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  1. Anonymous

    For V&A Chef’s Table reservations, do you call the Disney Reservation Center or the actual restaurant?

  2. Kota Mundaca

    Dearest AJ, if you are feeling under the weather or have anything going on please rest up, relax and treat yourself! You and the dfb team are one of the most dedicated, amazing disney experts, love you!

  3. Erik Jung

    AJ, you sound different this vid. The consensus seems to be that you are sick. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Jen R.

    Feel better soon, AJ!!

  5. mindyschocolate

    AJ, if you’re not feeling well please take a break and get some rest. A week without you won’t kill us!

  6. Ligeiaz Tomb

    The rope bridge goes over the Nile Crocodiles, not Alligators…just a heads up. I did the Trek it was very fun.

  7. Dee McGee

    AJ's voice sounds unusually sultry in today's video.

  8. Adam Macklin

    What would make the Rivers of Light dessert party more worth it would be a ride on Flight of Passage! Great video as always AJ!

  9. Jake M

    It sounds like eating all that sugar/refined carbohydrates is finally catching up with AJ's health! 🙁

  10. Tiffany Holley

    Do the dessert parties offer options for Gluten Free?

  11. Alexandra Macias

    Booked a trip 8/26-8/29…
    Me: oh good, I'll avoid most Star Wars craziness.
    (Food & Wine announced to start 8/29)
    Me: I guess I gotta extend my trip to 8/30…

  12. J D

    I just want to meet guy fiery because ~flavor town~

  13. Lori D

    could you do a video on Disney pin trading?

  14. Laura Lokken

    We're leaving next Monday! I can't wait! We should be at WDW next Thursday!

  15. Jordan Phillips

    I watch these like I’m going to Disney World soon but alas I am a broke college kid

  16. Bethoc Dunwitty

    I was HORRIFFICALLY aghast when I took our 12 year old son to Epcot and the Food & Wine festival was happening to go on. We did not want to partake in it. It was literally Bourbon St. Visibly Drunk people walking around, Norway and Japanese WORKERS were shouting 'GO GO GO GO!' whilst people were doing shots both IN THE BAKERY and in Mikausu Department store. ADULTS were walking around in shirts (many, many of them) which said various versions of the slogans 'DRUNK around the World'. I saw a girl with a shirt on describing in a vulgar manner, her boobs. On the bus back to our room one lady was in her 60's and SO DRUNK……that she was pretending she was Cruella De Ville and scratching and clawing at my son. When I moved him and told my husband about it she started loudly complaining to her equally wasted husband at how we were trying to ruin her night. If you have young kids and you don't drink KEEP YOUR KIDS away from the countries. Horriffically scarred by that and I wished we'd marched right over to guest services and asked they change our ticket to another park.

  17. Jeffrey John Mohnen

    Epcot has utilidors as well. They do not extend past future world. They are not as elaborate as Magic Kingdom but it is just enough to get suppliers to that side of the park in around spaceship Earth. As we call it the big Golf ball. Lol. I know this because I used to work at Disney. World showcase being in a circle everything is accessible on the back side of each country for deliveries etc…. Love Disney and working there made me love it more, Thanks

  18. gondorbunny

    Poor AJ. Her voice in this vid almost sounds like one of those pre-recorded voices you hear over loudspeakers in the airport, or something. Feel better, dear! As far as the video itself…That Highway in the Sky sounds like a pretty good deal…for Disney!

  19. Shayne Newell

    We have done Wanyama Safari twice (though it appears the price has increased even more since our last visit — no surprise, I guess). It was a lot of fun and the meal is unbelievably good. You basically get a family-style meal of Jiko's greatest hits that you share with everyone in your safari group. The biggest challenge for us was dressing appropriately for Jiko while still being comfortable enough to spend 60-90 minutes in the open air vehicle on the savanna beforehand.

    Wild Africa Trek is on my bucket list, but I have to say that this video really hammered home for me how much Disney has raised prices on these kinds of events. They used to feel expensive but not totally out of reach. But now, for our family of 4, many of these events are not feasible until we win the lottery. I mean, not that I have anyone in my family who is wanting to do the Princess Tea Party, but $333?!

  20. Carey Debra

    The flower/ garden festival was beautiful. I was so lucky to see that as my 1st festival. We will be booking our 2nd trip during food and wine 2021. Something to look forward to!!

  21. Patty Lewis

    I love the sweetness of your English and your very clear intonation, I love to see your Disney videos AJ, but I also follow them to listen to the way you pronounce and try to learn from you.

  22. Andrea Desmarais

    There are still some TBD for Eat To the Beat, the day I am there in September and also a couple days in November. Unless you have an updated list 🙂 Please share if you do thanks!

  23. Teacher Loves Disney

    Please consider the Napa Rose Disney Princess Adventure. A cross between Cinderella's Royal Table and Victoria and Alberts.

  24. Maru

    Followed you about a month
    Don't feel like the same AJ I know…
    Hope you get well soon

    From S.Korea

  25. Molly Pavilonis

    Is the food and wine festival always in October? I am trying to do an October 2020 trip but I want to go to the food and wine festival!

  26. Who Can Know It?

    I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend the Ferrytale Fireworks dessert cruise. I took my wife on it for our honeymoon and she said it was her favorite thing we did all trip.

    Come hungry and ready to drink if you can. There's snacks before you even get on the boat and then once you're on, there's cheese and alcohol in addition to the desserts. Get your money's worth before the fireworks start because everything stops being served at that point.

    They have a great magician and the photographers are fantastic, especially if they see you're celebrating something.

    Bonus: If you're a fan of the Electrical Water Pageant, you won't find a better view.

  27. isis granger

    Does festival of the arts have a food wristband too

  28. Janine Leffler

    So…. did the Star Wars Dessert get more popular when Galaxy’s Edge opening? What do people think of these fire works shows in comparison to Others?

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