Beef Mechado (Braised Beef and Tomato Stew) — Filipino Recipes

Here’s a beef mechado recipe that’ll impress your Filipino mother-in-law for sure.


400g Short ribs
400g of Beef Chuck
4 tbsp Lard
2/3 cup soy sauce
2 lemons
1 potato
4 carrots
5 cloves of garlic
1 large white onion
2 cups whole peeled tomatoes
2 to 3 cups of water
5 bay leaves
3 bell peppers
1 cup frozen peas
Fish sauce and pepper to taste

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  1. Johnny Tampocao

    Wow! It's yummy I love this dish one of my favorite dish to cook.

  2. angel91485

    I can feel Erwan wants to be back home from his last few videos.

  3. Rnie

    Wow! You're feeding a lot of people!
    Traditionally, Mechado is beef, Afritada is pork or chicken cut in bite size pieces, Menudo is cubed pork, and Kaldereta is goat. They are cooked with almost the same ingredients that's why people are confused.
    I remember my godparents who lives just next door to us. I know they like eating beef because their kitchen smells like it. They went to heaven early.

  4. waht the heck

    knowing the difference between the four is such a big flex

  5. Marc Evans

    going to make this one ^^. btw how do you clean your cast iron?

  6. Randolph de Leon

    A team up with Ninong Ry would be great

  7. VelvetSnow Rodriguez

    This version is so different from the mechado I grew up with. Mechado in my family is beef flattened with a mallet, seasoned on both sides, stuffed with bits of fat and vegetables then rolled just like you would do beef Wellington. Sometimes it’s tied with strings (candle wicks) or wrapped in cotton gauze and cooked in tomato sauce and spices. The explanation why it’s called “mechado” is similar though. After simmering the meat in very slow fire for a long while, the old folks would remove the gauze and finish cooking it in the oven. When it’s done, the beef rests for a few minutes. The “mecha” or strings are cut off and the roll is sliced into one inch portions and served with sauce on the side. Once sliced, the colourful veggies and small bits of fat inside make for a mouthwatering Christmas dinner or any special family celebration.

  8. Robert Depaloma

    Good way of presenting Filo food the proper way for foreigners to enjoy. Well done.

  9. Art M

    You're missing one very important ingredient: oregano.

  10. Filipina Wisconsin USA

    Wow looks delicious!! Thank you for sharing your own Beef mechado. Bagong friend here full support po. Salamat

  11. Amy Medina

    Wow grabeh sa sarap now alam ko na ang pagkakaiba ng 4 dishes na yan Thank u for sharing this vlog Erwan

  12. Vonn Marson

    How much beef broth do you use?

  13. Annie Simborios

    Oh gosh! It kicks me off.. its super yummy! Great video amazing vlog. Thanks a lot for sharing it's awesome indeed!

  14. Cherry Endrinal

    You really know the right procedure of cooking ,very good chef,when im watching all your recipes I know it taste good because that's the way of cooking same as my family techniques from my grandmother,aunties and my mother,I'm very proud of you,how lucky is your wife Ms.Anne and your mother in law.Continue your good work.God Bless your Family specially your cute and adorable baby

  15. Midelin Deramos

    Sarap nia kumain mapapa luto ka talga

  16. Rafh Martinez

    wow! looks super sarrraaap!!

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