Best Bhutanese Food – FEAST of Bhutan Dishes – Fermented YAK Cheese! (Day 12)

Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant serves some of the best Bhutanese food you’ll ever eat.
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If there’s one Bhutanese food restaurant you have to eat at when you’re in Bhutan it’s the Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant. This was probably the best Bhutanese food meal that I had in all of Bhutan. The food and the knowledge of Bhutanese culture was amazing.

Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant – They also have a museum, but the best reason to come here is for their restaurant. They aim to really preserve traditional Bhutan culture and food. Even though I had been in Bhutan for almost two weeks already, I tried some very unique Bhutanese dishes at Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant and also got a lesson on how to eat traditional Bhutanese food. This is one of the world’s greatest Bhutanese restaurants and preservations of Bhutanese culture in Thimphu.

Here are some of the main Bhutanese dishes we ate:
Suja – herbal butter tea
Sweet buckwheat
Bitter buckwheat noodles
Dried fiddlehead ferns
Roasted barley dough
Bamboo shoots and fermented beans
Dried beef with fermented yak cheese
Sikam paa – dried pork with chilies
Chanterelle mushrooms
Ema datshi – chillies and cheese
Bhutanese chicken curry
Kewa datshi – potatoes and cheese

After our huge Bhutanese food lunch we had some Indian food with Matt including some momos and paratha for dinner.

It was a great day of food in Thimphu, Bhutan!


It was an honor to be invited by MyBhutan to visit Bhutan to explore Bhutanese food and culture. Thank you to MyBhutan Productions for making my trip and this video possible!

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  1. Kohana Aigasaki

    Why Bhutan kicking ther people? Still bhutanese refugees are staying in Nepal

  2. Blias Treb

    Mark: Please stop making approving faces and EAT the freakin food, OK?

  3. DB My Little World

    I have been to Bhutan. Such an amazing country. So natural and peaceful . Graceful people. I like to live there

  4. Rona Yushin TV

    I love Mark and Ying Wiens. I have been watching for almost a year now. I will surely travel to Bhutan after the pandemic.

  5. Steff and jero vlogs

    That Pakistan kerala srilanka visit is awesome


    I also went to vutan and vutan is really a awsm country…specially Tigernest is sooo much beautiful

  7. Yeshi Palmo Thinley

    I'm glad you liked our cuisine…do visit again! As for me, I think I'm getting a little tired eating for like 15 years..I would like to taste dishes of other nations too..~@^^@~
    P.S the dishes served on are known as 'Dapa' made of wood..traditionally it's served in 'Bangchung' made using straws of bamboo

  8. Chiranjivi suren Tiwari

    Hi mark this is really amazing place to be there

  9. Chiranjivi suren Tiwari

    Hi mark this is really amazing place to be there

  10. Thomas Myles

    Mark Wiens discovers the worlds best food: Aloo Parathas!!

  11. Jungshookedby BTS

    The satisfaction on his face is everything♡♡♡

  12. KFK Everycolour

    Very very tasty and good…………. kfk everycolour desi cooking utoube channel which made cooking easiest with desi stlye

  13. Mina Gajjar

    I haet u kash mai bhi dekha pate

  14. Nar Prasad Gurung

    I love it. Best clean and delicious home made food only found in Thimpu Bhutan.

  15. Nar Prasad Gurung

    I think Mark Wiens will finish this dish with one go !

  16. Nar Prasad Gurung

    Indians foods are tasty but the people working behind seem to be dirty. Please don't mind !

  17. manuel antonio Serodio

    Hi Mark, I haven´t blocked your YouTube channel for some time, and once again you dind´t disappointed me. Cuisine, it´s culture, and with that friendly way and a sense of humor you showed Bhoutanese Food. It´s a very good well crafted video. Many congratulations and thank you very much. Take care, travel and record videos.

  18. prabhat modi

    This food Mark's eating is only on special
    orders. The restaurants there don't sell these kinda authentic food anymore.

  19. John Eldard

    Stunning does not describe the taste of food

  20. Dewi

    What a tablemanners
    Delicious FOOD! And a colourful culture

  21. GAMTIN. Com Jb

    Mark why don't you come to Manipur to eat Kuki mepoh

  22. Vajra Pani

    People ate/eat with their hands not because of the non-availability of metal spoons, but because eating with our own hands is healthy. Consumption of food begins with the finger tips which send vital signals to the brain, also the eyes, the nose which send signals to the brain. When you use spoons, you are cutting off the signals from the finger tips and retaining only the signals from the eyes and the nose. A spoon is a hurdle in the vital task of consuming food.

  23. Super Collection

    Stop video like this my fren . I can't take it . My mouth is full of watery the way u eat . Love u

  24. FalconKKK BTB

    Please feed the poor and homeless too

  25. LD LD

    Mark, she just explained everything, , sometimes there's just to much talking and it makes the video a little less tolerant to keep watching .Then I have to fast forward, because of too much explaining.

  26. Pema Tsh

    Sir not yak Butter, yak is M , Dre butter Dre is F

  27. udayippante

    Tat Aunt is awesome. So friendly explained her culture. ♥️

  28. karma tenzin

    cool man bhutan is one of the living heaven on the earth

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