Cavite is one of the most underrated food destinations in the Philippines. Get to know the province’s heritage cuisine with the best eats in Cavite!

Check out these restaurants:

Aling Ika’s Carinderia
Mercado del Ciudad de Cavite

Cantina de Tita A
P. Burgos Avenue, Cavite City, Philippines 4100

Baloy’s Bakeshop
1056 Manila-Cavite Rd, Santa Cruz, Cavite City, Cavite

Asiong’s of Cavite
Buenavista Street, Bucal, Bayan ng Silang, 4118 Cavite

Special thanks to Ige Ramos for guiding us on this food tour!
Learn more about Cavite’s heritage cuisine with Ige Ramos’ book, Republic of Taste:

For the full list of dishes and restaurants, check out our blog:


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  1. Cheng Wah

    Wow!!!thankyou for visiting cavite city mr.erwann❤hope you'll bring mr. nico bolzico next time❤❤❤

  2. erwinsm10

    Quality and classy representation of my family hometown of Cavite . This really made us Cavitenos proud !! too bad the area has slowly been losing authentic culture due to inter province migration . The Chavacanos are few and sparse in numbers .

  3. Mizpah Jill

    I think we can all agree that Caviteña moms make the best cooks sorry i dont make the rules here

    Ps; watching this is making me miss the Philippines ughhhh

  4. Viviene Manulat

    Ooooohhh, his accent when he says "Tagaytay" damn boi

  5. Yhanha Arcega

    Where it exactly in cavite located?

  6. Tina Tina

    no skipping adds for this awesome historical content♥️love lots

  7. Earl Tacneng

    Erwan’s vlog reminds me of Parts Unknown. Keep it up man. Damn!!

  8. Christina Alviedo

    Thank Erwan to share these authentic Filipino food from Cavite! I will definitely visit this place in my next visit. More power to you!

  9. Creed ex

    I never knew this channel before and saying that i missed out is an understatement. Erwan is really good in showcasing food from the different parts of the country.

  10. Marivic Manzo


  11. lawrence rosero

    That lumpiang sariwa tho ❤❤❤

  12. AMM0beatz

    We need more carinderias and less jollybee.

  13. athenna red

    I never thought pancit sa puso is originated from cavite hahaha everytime i talked about it how super good it is nobody knows,now I'm really hungry

  14. Xeance

    My partner is from Cavite City too. Thanks at na feature mo yung mga specialties ng Cavite City.

  15. sunshine always powers

    may i add please, and i do apologize in advance… i am a bit disappointed in the comments that Erwan makes when tasting local foods. I am actually quite surprised. I find his voice monotone and unexciting. when commenting on some of the most beautiful foods I've ever seen I get serious lack of emotion, expression and taste. I cannot feel what it tastes like. i feel like i am experiencing a documentary in the 1950's. very boring. the theme, the choices of foods, cuisine and culture is perfect but the host lacks emotion. i am quite shocked. i literally see the mom and pop owners of these business wondering if he actually likes the foods. they have to tell him what to say, they are adding expression into his definitions. i am sorry, i really thought Erwan, this beautiful young man would actually have more heart and soul. i am not talking the need to be aggressive just normal passion and expression is lacking. his camera man does a much better job of tasting the foods. much more genuine. sorry! i want to love your show but this one lacks heart.

  16. louiegp1

    Thanks, Erwan, for telling us beautiful stories about our culinary history, in a way helps in promoting our Filipino cuisine to a generation that has forgotten its culinary heritage. Hope to see more home-cooked Filipino dishes in your videos!

  17. Angela Margarette Quiambao

    i think my heart fell with that cheese tbh :))

  18. Mar Cruize

    NIce!!! Cavite City!!! My hometown!!! I miss those foods and kakanin!!!

  19. Karen Gabriel

    the cheese that fell from the ensaymada broke my heart

  20. Jose Angelo Portillano

    Yow brother erwann, your background music and the sound effects are a little bit louder than your voice. Try to balance it next time man. Cheers

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