Best Restaurants in Los Angeles – BIG KABOB PLATTER + Must-Eat Food Tour in LA!

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When Chef Liz and Will invited me to hang out with them and go to some of their favorite restaurants in LA, I was very excited. We set off to eat some amazing food in LA area including tacos, Armenian kabobs and Chinese savory pies.

Featured in this video, and huge thanks to:

Liz Johnson:
Will Aghajanian:

Teddy’s Red Tacos:
Armin from Mini Kabob:


Teddy’s Red Tacos – The first place we ate on this best of Los Angeles food tour is Teddy’s Red Tacos. First of all, Teddy is such a friendly down to earth guy who is passionate about birria, one of my favorite Mexican foods. Serving out of a food truck, we ordered the mixed plate of birria tacos, his made with beef. It was extraordinary, and great to hang out and meet Teddy as well.
Mixed plate – $10

Beijing Pie House – Next we drove East to the Beijing Pie House, another one of Liz’s best favorite restaurants in LA. We ordered a mix of dishes including a variety of dumplings and the highlight was their tripe salad laced in Sichuan pepper oil. If you’re looking for some Northern Chinese dishes, Beijing Pie House is well worth the drive from Central LA.
Total price – $55.70

Mini Kabob – There was one more huge meal we had to eat on this best restaurants in LA food tour. We drove to Glendale where there’s a large population of Armenians, and we met up with Armin, son of the owner of Mini Kabob. Immediately I loved the place, family run, just a small little shop with a few tables, and an ultimately friendly place. They welcomed us in and Armin took care of us from the start, fixing us a mixed meat platter with a little bit of everything. The Armenian kabobs were spectacular, as were all the different salads.
Huge platter – thanks Armin!

Heroic Deli – Finally, to end this restaurants tour of LA, we drove over to meet my friend Jeffrey who is starting a deli in LA called Heroic Deli ( Barbara prepared us their signature OMG classic Italian sub, which was unbelievably good and well balanced. When they open in Santa Monica, be sure to stop by for a fantastic sandwich.

Thank you to Liz and Will for taking me around to some of their favorite restaurants in LA, I had an amazing time!


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  1. Bahman Goshayeshi

    That is Iranian food but served by Armenians, one of the ethnic groups in Iran. For example salad shirazi is a popular Iranian salad and named after a city in Iran: Shiraz

  2. I'm A Bad Mama Jama

    If you can cut beef with a butter knife….it is truly tender!!!

  3. Mansour Fani

    Shirazi salad is sliced much smaller

  4. Rahil

    At 5:08 I thought he was about to say "Awesome Biryani" LOL

  5. Andreas Ragitsch


  6. Shahram Amini

    hi mark . you eat food very dirty

  7. Dragon

    Does anybody know what the starchy web at 7:46 is made from? I'm guessing the dumplings are tossed in a slurry of either cornstarch or rice flour then everything is poured into the pan and when it steams it bubbles up.

  8. Horace Hill

    Hi Mark, Ying And Mika…. The next time You Guy Visit LA the Best Roasted and Peking Duck On The Planet is in Chinatown at Hong Kong Restaurant. on the other side of Downtown LA. I ate there for over 15 years. Roast Duck or Peking with a side of Soy Sauce Green Beans and Steamed Rice….MMmmmmm.

  9. Emilio n

    Están buenos pero no le ganan a otros que hay en el df

  10. Elimden Lezzetler

    Hello,I went on a trip to the World Cuisine. It has been

    very delicious and I will Wait

  11. Juan Manuel Gonzalez

    Mark loves food, but doesn't gain weight.

  12. Tony Owens

    Beijing Pie House Is Amazing. The Pies are juicy. I loved it

  13. Day Nag

    is he parked on Alameda i lived kind of close to that street.

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  16. Jeswin Mathew

    How does he stay so thin after eating all this?

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