Camper Van Road Trip Pt. 2! Trying Elk Meatloaf + Exploring Jasper National Park 😍(Alberta Canada)

Jasper National Park is incredible! For part 2 of our Canada camper van road trip, we visited Athabasca Falls, hiked to an amazing viewpoint, wandered around the city and tried elk meatloaf at a local brewery – basically the best day ever!

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Coco’s Cafe –

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  1. Jane Jalis

    You two are very entertaining, and so are your vlogs! Love from the UK.

  2. Rooster Pisano

    "It's like 15 degrees Celsius or so, because as an American I know the system of international units."

  3. Cheska Vasquez

    Is it only in canada that you can rent this?

  4. Basil V

    JASPER is the land of the rip-off, most things like 3 times more than the normal price, how about SIMPLE MOTEL ROOM FOR LIKE $ 500.00 USD, a night that is if you can find it in the summer time, they just do not want new hotels so they could charge you VERY HIGH PRICE, I know this to be true for the last 20 years..

  5. gustavo marques

    Beautiful place, the best video of this channel I've seen so far

  6. Tanya Hanna

    TV Canada! TV Europe! TV Japan!

  7. Tanya Hanna

    They visiting national parks..

  8. Christine Daigle

    Oh Wow..This van is a dream come true and beautiful video you made.I want to go there….Thank You…Cape Breton Island, Canada

  9. Zuri D

    Qt, since you had your Van door open, did u get eaten by those giant misquote? Jst wondering…

  10. Mike Smith

    In order to be honorary Canadians you must take way more wood than you need and make the fire far too big for the fire pit. Oh also you have to bring a couch with you to burn at the site before leaving as well. Its a must.

  11. nicole heinerman

    Hey you guys, love your video's! Im wonderinf what kind of handle/ tripod you use in the car. I guess your filming on a go pro?
    Greetz nicole

  12. Deep Morzaria

    great video guys…. i like it !!!

  13. Conor Compston

    Jasper is a magical spot.I’ve tried buffaloaf made with bison meat but not the elk meatloaf yet, will get it on the list! I just vlogged my jasper trip and would love it if you checked it out , thanks!

  14. Nicky G.

    The Christopher Wallace is dope AF! Great job Yama*

  15. Nikos Solomou

    "It's emeffin smore time y'all" … I asked my daughter what that meant and she told me it was rude. She must be wrong. I'm sure Alison is far too polite to say something like that.

  16. Bianca Fiel

    Watching and rewatching all your videos happy Canada day

  17. Steve Leonard

    You should rent a truck camper in Whitehorse and drive the Dempster Highway to Tuk. You eventually get 24 hours of sun in the summer. No fancy restaurants. Incredible scenery and true wilderness on a road with about 5-10 vehicles per hour when we went in 2018.

  18. Moezie 66

    Did you guys realize it's illegal to use a drone in Jasper National park?
    Aside from that, great video, glad you enjoyed Jasper. And thank you so much for telling people not to get out of their vehicle for wildlife.

  19. Thomas Andersen

    Loved it ! But wasn't you scared that the knifes on the magnet board would just fly off, if you had make the van suddenly put on the hard breaks.. or worse..? They for sure scared me those knifes..just hanging there….

  20. Thomas Andersen

    I love your new caps Eric.. I hope you'll keep it for a while.

  21. K L

    Great video! Which campsite was that at the end of your video? Appreciate your reply!

  22. Les Carter

    That rock at the "False Summit " sounded like walking on beach rock. It's like a flat slate type of rock very vewy vewy slick when under water, even more so with the algae growing on it. I have landed on me bum a few times. Speaking of that Erie Keep up those "Money shots". TC HuGgZ!

  23. Rhein the chef Dora

    So beautiful canada….enjoy and keep safe!

  24. Therese Kirkpatrick

    We went to a b n b in golden last summer explored and hiked around banff them two day in jasper. Loved jasper so much. Praying covid ends and we can come rent a van to see more of Canada.

  25. Magie Struck

    I just wanna know why on earth you chose that campground??! Hahaha out of all the campsites in jasper or banff national, thats literally the ugliest, in fact I think it is now permanently closed.

  26. Kroozer

    you 2 are so funny, but gotta luvya xx

  27. kelly Johnson

    Kudos to you for trying elk. It tastes like beef meets lamb for the most part only drier. Cuz they eat grass instead of grain. I like elk if it’s ground up with some fat added to make it less dry. Bbqd elk isn’t bad either. That part of the world is beautiful. I grew up in WA state. In summer it’s crazy how late the sun sets. And joe early it rises. Thank for sharing your adventures.

  28. Travels with Tommy and Lori

    Y'all wouldn't BELIEVE the people who chase down large wildlife. We watched people chasing down elk on the side of the road outside of Asheville, NC… People were crying, the cops were called vehicles were messed up….

  29. Victoriah Nyambura njogu

    This is what I want to do this coming year.
    But I dont know where to start

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