Cham Cham Recipe – Indian & Pakistani Dessert

Please subscribe to my channel. This video is about how to make cham cham, Indian and Pakistani sweets. Cham Cham is usually a capsule shaped sweets. It is very delicious and made with chana or panir. It is very delicious sweets that is often served and given to pass a good news like wedding, passing the test etc. Cham cham making is easier than other sweets. Only the sound in this video is under creative common license, not the video.


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  1. ladybugcdl

    I am looking for a dessert that is similar but it was in a milky soupy like substances.

  2. ershadsocal

    I did not try to show RasMalai, I tried to make cham cham. Thank you

  3. Syed Shahinur Rahman

    it's not chamcham, it's rashgolla.

  4. Vrinda Kanchan

    You forgot the shredded coconut!

  5. Exposition

    It definitely is not CHAMCHAM.

  6. M. Wasif

    Nai banany aati to kyu pagal bana raha hai bhai

  7. Thania A

    WA alaikum salam bro.. super

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