Chicago DEEP DISH PIZZA & DIM SUM + I Didn't Want to Be Asian

This was something I wanted to talk about since many people have messaged me telling me they feel like they don’t belong and feel alone, especially Asians living in the smaller cities where not many other Asians are around. Wanted to address the time in my life where I did not want to be Asian.

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  1. Mikey Chen

    Be proud of who you are and of your heritage. Happy Asian Heritage Month!

  2. Jing M

    aww I can relate sooo much to you when you feel you are american but my american friends see me as chinese but my chinese friends think im american.. I just dont feel like I belong anywhere. This video is so deep!! Deep dish pizza and deep stories! Wow!

  3. sethious1

    It's hard for me to think of you being a bad kid, your such a down to earth fellow. But I guess that's what we get from your life in learning and growing up. I really dig these vids that tell us a bit more about you. I binge through your vids often lol

  4. Red Fender

    Gino’s east and Giordonos both ship

  5. Yu

    Thank you so, so much, truly, for this. As an asian american, I've always struggled with my identity and with racism, but I've learned that I should be proud of who I am. Thank you, again. I'm really grateful for this.

  6. Shonda SheWrites

    Mike please do not stop doing these types of vids! Even if Covid ends someday. These are marvelous my friend. I started doing the meditation you talk about. It has helped tremendously!!! I did my ancestry and discovered so much about my lineage. Now I plan on making a trip hopefully to Nigeria and Sierra Leone. I am a mix of a lot. My peoples were migratory lol and I want to visit them all…Thank you for sharing yourself like this with us Dumpling Heads!!!

  7. Lori C

    I was in Chicago and had Luminatis, definitely NOT my fave. I’m an NYC gal all the way.

  8. BEN LAM

    Man If mike was my teacher he would be my favorite teacher =)

  9. Gabrielle Jarmin

    I’m the exact opposite but I understand what you mean, Mike. I was born and raised in the Philippines but I never got along with other Filipinos, I was American, not white but definitely American. I was terrible at speaking the native language and I was made of for it.

  10. TycoTyrannus

    I live in California and i ordered from this place thru the mail as well. It sucked and i never got another one.

  11. Robin Hartwig

    You got the wrong Chicago pizza. You want Giordano's deep dish pizza from Chicago. Yummmmmmm!

  12. dineshtosh

    Bleach blonde, when Dragon ball came out.

  13. DivineLightning

    Yeah bigoted and racist white americans…. That still hasn't changed Mikey

  14. Alexander Rim

    Hi Mikey! You can't imagine how much your words resonated with me, I made a video some time ago somewhat scratching this same topic, and I really appreciate it. Lots of love from Jeju, S. Korea!

  15. Star Cowart

    This is one of my favorite ❤ video. Thank you Xing!

  16. Sara Lindley

    Mikey Chen, you big sweetie. You are an amazing man. So wise and helpful. Continue being who you are.
    Life is just a big soup dumpling. You got to take a bite to get the good stuff.

  17. Scott Balli

    ordering info for that pizza?

  18. piggybjorn

    thank you so much for your inspiring story. Be strong as always

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