Chicken Marsala

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  1. Scott Brady

    miraculous video. old school effort without aid of upscale editing software. more effort to get useable segments. i lived a few blocks from pacific cafe on geary boulevard for ten years or so. had this dish at original joe's, south s.f. in 2007 at christmastime. with a few cold sierra nevada celebration ales. ..good times. because, as we akl know, you ARE the melissa joan hart, …of your raspberry tart.

  2. strzaskany alf

    240p we meet again! and that presentation at the end just like a restaurant that aspiers for a star 😉

  3. Shoot McRunfast

    This is Tracey Ullman era Chef John.

  4. Andrew Czuba

    nice! making this tonight !!! Thx Chef John!

  5. Old Pelican

    Made this dish tonight and my picky kids ate it up. Awesome recipe!

  6. Baron Pressley

    This is obviously pre “pinch of cayenne “ days.

  7. DustinLaughs

    We need a new video for this recipe!

  8. jason gideon

    Check chicken masala ,one of the best Indian food

  9. David A

    So is this how you still make it, or is there a revised version?

  10. Brendan Connor

    maybe we get an update for this one?

  11. Mark Klose

    Chef John in glorious full LD!

  12. oloompa

    2020 covid brought me here .. anyone watching this masterpiece?

  13. Keira Charles

    Man seeing him first in 2020 and then finding this video… Chef John what on earth happened to your voice?

  14. pompytt

    You should redo this recipe!

  15. Amarie Vargas

    An oldie!!! Look how far you've come. Love it.

  16. Randy Raziano

    I love the old video, I have only discovered your cooking videos, 8-10Months ago. Great job Chef ! Paul Prudhomme, Justin Wilson and Chris Kerageorgiou. My favorites, however they are all cooking in the heavens now.

  17. Kenneth Douglas

    Time to update this video dear man

  18. Conroy Paw

    The food still looks delicious, but the audio quality, and your delivery style has changed considerably. It might be time for a refresh. After all, you are the Enkidu of your video redo.

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