Chorizo Omelette | Treader Tube

Give a big Food Tube welcome to Tom from Treader Tube! Tom’s channel is about reconnecting with the natural world, and today, he’s cooking up his delicious omelette recipe from a cave in Dorset. This dish can be whipped up in no time at all for a tasty and satisfying meal any time of the day. Spicing up a classic version with chorizo and fresh chilli, before finishing it off with a dollop of cream cheese for extra flavour. Do you want to see more of Tom on the channel? Let us know in the comments box below and don’t forget to check out his channel for more videos.

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    Hey Foodies, Tom from Treader Tube here. Thanks for watching – 60k+ views. Wow! Obviously this isn't a technically difficult recipe and I'm definitely not a chef. But hopefully sharing some recipes that aren't complex encourages others to give it a go, and also to enjoy some simpler things, too.
    Being involved with Food Tube opened my eyes to the amazing and different foods out there. I've got other recipes on my channel amongst various mini adventure vids so have a look.
    If you've got any suggestions for cool places to check out in the UK and beyond let me know

  2. Deniz Oktay

    What is the song in the beginning and the end?

  3. Mari-Jô Zilveti

    Great recipe for an omelette. Since I unfortunately do not have a beach for my scenario, I will try it on my kitchen. Congrats and thanks for sharing it!!!

  4. rusPiglets

    Don't wanna be this guy, but you can't just cook an egg after 300 recipes on this channel.
    Either show us cooking the same dish on rocks in real wilderness or make it unique.

  5. Lucía Ayala

    "Dont have the luxuries of a kitchen" yea rite! Looks delicious though

  6. martysgarden

    I must admit this recipe is killer, especially with fresh organic eggs straight from the backyard. I didn't even know what Chorizo was until now.
    Sweet,,can't wait to give this a go and hook in.
    Happy Living
    Marty Ware (Australian Agricultural Horticulturist)

  7. yosoyalbertico

    Chorizo is a great product. Spicy chorizo or sweet?

  8. Neville Chapman

    I like the cream cheese tip but for the life of me, if you are using chorizo then just fry it for a minute to get all the oil you need.

    Or was this a tefal ad' ?

  9. Maxima

    nice job. beach cave makes it even better. now add some jam to the bread and a spot of tea…..superb

  10. Maya W

    Seems like a bit of a waste of oil mate, why not just coat the pan to begin with rather than fill it up then remove all the oil? :/

  11. Preet Greedharry

    Love it. It's so refreshing cooking and eating great food in nature.

  12. Salem coralita

    Looked overcooked. Didnt jamie say you NEVER wanted any brown bits on your egg?

  13. ben Jovi

    That would taste so much better if he'd fried off the onions, garlic and chorizo in the pan before adding the seasoned eggs, they would start to caramalize and give the pan a great, rich flavour that would take that omelette to the next level

  14. asd

    I don't agree with a lot of what he said.. Hahaha

  15. Henrik Alm

    This guy is so cool. Like a pro chef with a Black Ops III shirt!

  16. thatguyhanson

    I tried to make a omelette, but my grandma messed up the flip, turns out it actually tasted good, I call it a win in my book.

  17. RyanKB

    WTF. This looks like an omelette my fucking 5 year niece cooked. If he really wanna enhance that omelette then he should have sauté his filler ingredients first then add the whipped eggs. Also…who uses that much oil and then take it off with a paper towel. what a waste.

  18. Bexy Evans

    I'm not a huge fan of omelettes.

  19. AussieJuz

    What the f*#k is 'ungyun'? What are we, 6 years old?

  20. Tubebrerry

    A couple thoughts:

    First, that omelet looks awfully darn brown – that's the kind of omelet I'd expect to get at a third-rate diner with a barely competent short-order cook who got overwhelmed with too many tickets and forgot about my omelet on the back burner.

    Second, your use of onions and chilis seems to imply you're going for something like a Mexican omelet. If that's your intent, then why use Spanish chorizo instead of Mexican, which is completely different? Your Spanish chorizo is a cured, hard sausage, which is polar opposite from the Mexican kind, a loose sausage that must be fried up before eating.
    In the end I'm not sure what you're thinking, because you serve your omelet with toast instead of tortillas and with cream cheese instead of crema Mexicana or some kind of Mexican cheese. You really seem all over the map. So, I guess I'll just give you the benefit of the doubt and chalk your creation up to your just wanting to do your own thing. Kind of disappointing.

  21. Twarfield1204

    I don’t know, lots of people saying what you should and shouldn’t do to cook. It looks good to me though.

  22. craig taylor

    Where the hell I’d the chorizo ???

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