Colombian STREET FOOD in Cartagena! + LONG Flight to Canada w/ Food Poisoning 🤢

Eric might have a bit of food poisoning, but we’re determined to get street food one last time before we leave Colombia! 🌮 Then we start the long, 2-day journey from Cartagena to Calgary, Canada. Mountains, here we come! ✈️🏔

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Colombitalia Arepas Stand


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  1. The Endless Adventure

    We’re sad to leave Colombia, but we’ve got some epic adventures ahead in Canada! ⛰ BTW Make sure you use this link for $40 off your first Airbnb booking!

  2. Judith Lawtie

    Ah Eric you poor thing! Trust your feeling better now! Nothing worse than travelling with a dodgy stomach!

  3. Dr Azizul Idris

    Hye my fav youtubers. Eric seems like losing weight. Hope u’ll get well soon eric

  4. mimii3000

    Oooh excited for the roadtrip in Canada! Hope you are feeling better. I know you guys try to travel lite, but do you ever carry emergency meds like ibuprofen or bismuth for situations like that? I would think it's hard to find stuff like that in a foreign country.

  5. marcus black

    thumbs down for so many ad's

  6. Gulf Coast and Beyond

    Been all over the world and ALWAYS drink bottled water. Learned by experience LoL. I cringed when you drank that lemonade, especially after being sick.

  7. Jemma Hawkins

    Another fab episode! I have just returned from a fantastic trip to Jordan, would love to see you guys visit the Middle East, can highly recommend Jordan, the people, the food, the landscape, it’s all amazing!

  8. Daniel Peña

    12k pesos for an arepa??????? I'm sorry to say this guys but you might've been ripped off there, those are worth no more than 6k pesos at most, even in Cartagena, some people take advantage of tourists when they're not familiarized with prices, sorry about that.

  9. Vivian Neshinapaise

    You're channel is so underrated. Why isn't everyone watching you guys. Y'all are awesome and love the travel/food vlogs. I came across you're channel a 1 year ago. But the first I saw as boarding the largest ship I think I'm not sure.

    Edit- yeah it was the largest ship lol anyways I hope for more amazing videos from u guys

  10. PARCE93

    Drinking that lemonade from the street probably wasn’t the wisest choice either since you were already feeling sick. The locals can get away with it but your gut isn’t used to the water there.

  11. Annie Bee

    Hi! Fellow Colombian here!
    Unless you are a local from Cartagena, it is recommended to not drink the water because it contains microorganisms that non-natives aren't used to. If you want to drink tap water, make sure it has been boiled beforehand to get rid of the bacteria. It is also recommended not to eat from street food vendors since the food is notorious for contamination (usually locals have the ability to fight it off, but foreigners do not).
    You most likely got your food poisoning from drinking the lemonade. Street vendors use local water that has not been filtered to standards you would expect in 1st world countries. Since you are not a local, your body is not accustomed to drinking water that comes from the tap in Cartagena.
    If you do plan on trying street food, always bring a traveler's diarrhea kit.

  12. andi 20

    I'm colombian from BOGOTÁ D.C.

    1 Advice
    Don't buy food in streets like hotdogs, burguers, tacos, creapes, (hamburguers?), etc etc , some people aren't clean with their hands, for example some people not all they are touching a cigarette and then they touch and cooking a hamburger without washing their hands and then they sell that hamburguer to a client. It's prefer to buy food at restaurants or supermarkets or shooping centers in any city of colombia or if you want to buy food in streets it's better to buy food where the seller use plastic gloves

    2. Advice
    If you travel to a country you must adapt to the country, not the country to you
    The temperature in Cartagena is between 30°C to 45°C
    3. Advice
    You need to know not all places villages towns cities the water is clean with tap water, because the in those cities or villages or towns etc the mayors poliricians and the government doesn't help people in poorer places to have clean water
    Yhe problem is tge politicians and the goverments and the mayors and companies of water and its ironic that some people can't have clean waters because dont have money to pay it ans watee should be free to people because colombia is a rich country in water resources and natural resources
    in Colombia There is more water than in all of Europe and asia
    for that reason it's ridiculous to know that some people do not have access to a clean water because they do not have enough money to pay water to companies and the goverment and all the money paid in taxes is stolen by politicians, the president of the government and mayors

    It's a problem that it must be solved by the government and the mayors of each town, villages or city where there are problems with the water and people don't receive clean water
    it's not the fault of the people it is the fault of the politicians, goverment and the companies of water

    Colombia is the second country with the greatest Mega biological diversity after Brazil in the Americas and Colombia is the fourth country with mega biological diversity worldwide.
    Colombia could be a world power country for its natural resources but all the money acquired from those naturak resources is stolen by politicians and the government

    Maybe in Cartagena you can't drink tap water from a house.
    But in BOGOTA D.C. (Capital District) you can drink tap water or water from a house the water is clean the tap water from the houses (poor and rich houses) in Bogota is drinkable (drinking water) and clean to make juices.

  13. Carolina Daltton

    I'm colombian and I did get sick when I went last year, for someone that I usually eat when I was living in colombia, idk why but i got very sick at least for 1 week lol, I went to sandiwch cubano and they gave me garlic sauce and i got sick from it, which is weird since i used to eat that when i was little, but if u are not used to soething yeah sure u are goign to get sick

  14. Carolina Daltton

    I mean food poisoning.?? u are just missing too much food, arepas with all of those meats, with lemonade, with coffee? really lol

  15. Bry T.

    Can you please let us know where you got your fanny pack from? I have been obsessed & didn’t see it in any of your links on tour travel gear. Thanks!

  16. R7LZER

    cartagena looks like mission street in san francisco ha

  17. Zenyachty

    Those aren't jalapenos they are green chillis. Spicy food is uncommon in Colombia

  18. joe smith

    did you go to the el totumo mud volcano


    El peor Video de Cartagena que he visto jajajaja

  20. Alejandro Pineda

    loved your videos just remember its Colombia not Columbia hope you come back !

  21. Amanda S

    Awwww about being digestively unwell while travelling! I have unfortunately experienced that A LOT and now I have huge anxiety around it…. I’m so impressed with how you’ve pushed through it!!!!

  22. Eternal Summer Rising - Traveling Techies

    Colombia has a special place in our hearts. Love the vibes, the friendly people, and the unique culture. This is definitely worth a visit.

  23. Denise chet

    Ohhh my gosh.. I just love love your channel… you make want to visit the world.. thank you for your insites

  24. Maria Ramirez

    Why talk about food poisoning at Colombia it makes Colombia look bad.

  25. sebastian

    Yeah you don't order asian food in Colombia that's a bad choice… Love my country but NO

  26. neka s

    I knew u were somewhere familiar when I seen the Broward sign

  27. yin lob

    16 minutos solo para mostrar unas Árepas .

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