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In this video, we are talking about cooking for a partner on Valentine’s Day. Whether you should or shouldn’t take the risk to try something new. these are all answers from you!

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I also have included a few suggestions that you could use if you’re keen on trying something new but simple.

First up is Stir Fry Rice and Beef
~Spice for Rice
~Mixed Vegetables (Carrots, Green Beans, Broccoli)
~Sweet Soy Sauce
~Salt & Pepper to taste

Next is the Bacon Potato Gratin:
Follow this link to find the how to:

Lastly Chicken Casserole Dish:
~Mixed Vegetables
~Chicken Spice
~Sliced Onion
~Salt & Pepper to taste


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  1. Adelaide Masango

    Love this!! Thanks for the ideas

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