Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe – How to Make Easy Cream Cheese Frosting for Cakes

Learn how to make a Cheese Frosting Recipe! – Visit for the ingredients, more recipe information, and over 600 additional original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Cheese Frosting Recipe!


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  1. Rushel Nugent

    Thank you for this video , I've been wanting to make my own cream cheese in so long and as always your wonderful !!

  2. Tony

    "I don;t think so" ha ha ha!

  3. Madeline White

    What kind of flour do you use for baking self rising flour or just basic all purpose flour..I am kinda having troubles when I use the basic all multi purpose flour should I then get self rising all purpose flour instead

  4. [Dominic]

    Chef John, got any good ideas for cream cheese icing that uses granulated sugar? confectioners/powdered sugar is gross.

  5. Chris Hernand

    Your voice makes me happy…don't know why…is lovely

  6. Ellen Gregory

    I didn't have any powdered sugar, so I substituted with all purpose flour.

  7. Jim Alford

    Thank you chef John
    I watch a lot of your cooking videos
    I love how they are precise and that long
    I’m thinking about opening a restaurant use in your recipes calling that chef John’s
    What do you think about that chef John?

  8. Armida Gonzalez

    Just make it like him …if you don't have powdered sugar don't make it till you have all ingredients …love it

  9. Jeff Ralston

    Carrot cake, cupcakes… Why not graham crackers?

  10. ME 0020

    Cream cheese is so much better than Buttercream.

  11. Sandy Degener

    "…the oooold scrapa scrapa…"

  12. Sandy Degener

    How could anybody give a "thumb's down" to a Chef John vid?

  13. gerald bock

    kabuki masters.. I was thinking more a long the lines of the ultimate – the Cream Head, more rare than Big Foot, last seen in Toledo Ohio in the early 80's…

  14. Joycee Says

    I don't just come for the recipe's, Chef John's wit (haha) and the comments.. Chef Johns wit is infectious

  15. MattP

    Just got my Food Wishes intro sweater!!

  16. william grunow

    Mother Said ……
    “ Don’t play with your food !!

  17. Eunoia Vision

    If this isn't for red velvet, which type of icing is used normally for red velvet?

  18. Poor Redneck World

    Ok so what if I wamt a lemon cream cheese frosting?? Just the vanilla.. Add lemon juice and maybe some lemon zest!!??

  19. malingmann

    I use this kind of frosting on brownies. Totally not overkill…

  20. milovarquiel

    How to avoid that sandy texture that sometimes the final result has?

  21. Ila

    This is such a lovely and a simple recipe to try! Thanks, God bless you Chef John

  22. Sophia Adler

    These frostings look so easy to made but I tried it already a few ones and it always got too liquid…

  23. ChuckB

    Even easier- Whipped cream cheese spread and sweetened evaporated milk (5 to 1) whipped up with a spoon

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