Disney Money-Saving Tips That Can Backfire!

There’s some sneaky ways Disney money-saving tips can backfire on you; we’re giving you all the details and updates to make sure you’re prepared to make the most of every dollar on your next Disney World trip!

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  1. Library Minnie

    I have always been scared of the water because of resident comments. It was good to have my reservations acknowledged. Great “keeping it real” video!!!

  2. Angeline

    So glad i found this! Ty Aj for your tips and adorable voice!

  3. Shanel Plummer

    Is it best to get an annual pass for a family of 3 for the year we plan to go?

  4. Sustainable Sierra

    If you’re at a table service restaurant, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to split. Two adult sized entrees are more than enough for a party of three.

  5. MouseATX

    This was well over 20 years ago, when I was a kid the rule my parents set for souvenirs was that we could only purchase them on the last day. That way there was no chance of spending our budget and then falling in love with another item later.

  6. Rebel 06

    Don’t let disney profit from your dining plan. Use every single credit! We had like 20 snack credits on our last day and we went to Disney springs and used up all of them on prepackaged snacks.

  7. wat

    Who the hell goes to Disney World and tries to save money? This is crazy, every year we go, we stay 2 weeks and bring 25 thousand dollars to splurge on, if you are looking to save money while you are their, you shouldn't be going their in the first place.

  8. Lou-Anne Williams

    I hate water with a taste but I drink a lot. I come with a brita water bottle and I'm good. Bought mine for my 1st trip in 2015. Still have it. Just replace the filter and tops from time to time.

  9. drxym

    Don't go to Disney so much, save a fortune. And if you do, rent a villa outside and eat outside. Even Orlando has other things to do. And don't suckered in to scams like Disney's timeshare "vacation club".

  10. leelaa

    This is the first time I e seen Shades of Green (or even a picture of it haha) so that was cool! I really wish you would talk about it more since so many people don’t realize they can utilize it!

  11. StevenTheVyonder1996

    I'm planning to take a refillable water bottle + take advantage of the free water during my college program. Buying souvenirs ahead of time only saves you room in your luggage.

  12. Olivia Calderone

    Buy a notebook, the best souvenirs are character photos and signatures. Also, bring a water bottle with you and fill it at soda fountains in restaurants or in the resorts where they usually have big caraffes of filtered water. Pack lighter, you can always go back to your room if you need something but you don't want to be hauling a backpack through security, or around the park all day. Character dining can get pretty expensive, so make sure to go over the menu before booking, and not to overdo it. Book your meals during "off" times. Late breakfasts and lunches, early dinners, etc. This helps avoid the waits and frees you up to go on rides while a lot of people are eating.

  13. Elisa Goldman

    $50 for a pizza? Holy pepperoni!

  14. Amanda Moquin

    i'm super late on this but a fun tip about the water … fill your mugs to the very top with ice and then fill your mug/bottle with HOT water! tastes delicious! most likely you'll only be able to do this at your resort but at least your day starts out with yummy water. for some reason the water in pandora tasted very good as well as the fill station at pizzerizzo!

  15. KettouRyuujin

    Our first time on the plan, Dad personally tabulated the meal costs and checked how much we saved. We were on free dining because he was skeptical – especially as I’m a bit picky – but it worked out, we loved it.

  16. Kim T

    Yep, the Disney Dining (free) doesn't work for us. Because it costs more for the parkhopper (we usually wouldn't do) and it used to be you could get the free table service for a moderate – but no more. But if you have maybe a larger family it probably would be good.

  17. jamie5mauser

    Can I get my beverage or alcohol to go with my table service?

  18. Crystal Sixx

    Get a water bottle with the filter in the actual bottle and then you won't taste the Florida grossness.

  19. Cara

    We buy gift cards throughout the year and use those for food. We have found we break even, or save vs. the dining plan… but our kids are little and finicky

  20. Disneymermaidprincess

    Hi @DFBGuide We are going to Disney in October but we are going for our honeymoon so it is just the two of us. We have the deluxe dining plan. Do you have a guide for couples going to Disney?

  21. Christopher Drager

    If you are so mindbogglingly stupid as to willingly spend $45 on a Disney pizza you deserve to have Mickey Mouse bend you over, rob you blind and then shake what change is left out of your pockets

  22. Jon C

    Better tip for water, buy a Brita water bottle. The carbon filter helps immensely with the bad taste and you can fill it up with water and ice throughout the day.

  23. shlobs422

    The best cost saver is buying your kids a ticket, giving them $50 bucks, and then let them run wild for the day. You can save the cost of your own ticket, and you get to stay at the Hotel getting drunk by the pool.

  24. Edward Rhoads

    Saving my money by
    1) getting a 3 bedroom condo from my travel group for a week for under $500 plus this way we can eat a huge breakfast out of park before going for the open…
    2) bringing powdered tang and lemonade with me for when my kids won't drink the free water – that one was a good reminder to do that

    Man the food will be as much as the tickets

  25. Bobby Roche

    I loved the deluxe dining plan when I got it. My fiance and I went to 4 or 5 signature restaurants and I'm a huge steak fan. (The wagyu strip loin at Jiko omg). There was just a piece of mind knowing all my eating was taken care of no matter where we ended up or what we wanted. For me it was totally worth it, but for some it may not be. I was also able to hook my friend up with a meal when we all went to Mama Melrose, which is a pretty underrated spot by the way!

  26. Emil illian

    For me and my family of eight we figured it out that the Disney Dining Plan only cost about $80 per person a day which was way under what we would have spent had we paid for all of our meals. Also, if you are not a dessert person like most of my family most restaurants will let you add a salad to your entree in place of a dessert

  27. laok

    can we talk about how us dollar is higher than most places and ranomly changes so buying in advance is cheaper

  28. Gianna Mae

    We usually get the Disney Dining plan, but recently as it has increased I wanted to see if it was really worth it. I figured for three people eating a mix of table service and quick service for four days out of pocket would cost about $750. This included at least two meals a day and snacks. Disney charges $1170 for the same thing. Also, free dining offer is not always a great deal. For this deal you must have park hopper tickets and only get the quick service dining plan if you stay at Value or Moderate (you can upgrade for cheaper but still).

  29. Deborah Wood

    Disney – money saving tips ???!!! How about upper management shake down some $, discounts for loyals?!

  30. Add E

    Dasani is the only potable water I've ever had that I couldn't drink.

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