Disney World's Biggest Letdowns

Your Disney World trip has been planned for months. You booked your perfect hotel, got all the dining reservations you were hoping for, but things still aren’t living up to your dream Disney trip. Disney let you down.

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  1. k cm

    its the karens of the world that dont like flight of passage

  2. Nora frost

    My disappointment was no ones fault. We had to cancel our trip last year because of closures. Which means we'll have to try again in another three years (it'll be our 20th anniversary)

  3. B L

    I’ve never gotten why people love Soarin’ so much. I mean, it’s fine, but I can skip it and not care at all. It always has a huge line too.

  4. Sharee Peplinski

    I think seven dwarfs is definitely overhyped and not worth the LOOOOONG lines. Definitely too short and underwhelming for all the hype

  5. Tom Whalen

    I had a solo ride (no pun intended) on Smuggler’s Run! Thank you social distancing!

  6. Loren Wolfin

    These people are way off the mark

  7. Jessica Snow

    When I was 6, the whale in the Disneyland Pinocchio ride scared me to tears! I refused to go on anything but Dumbo and the carousel for the rest of the day. Definitely a let down for my parents!

  8. Christopher Pollock

    I am a Florida resident and have only done Disney when I was younger. I hear wonderful things from adults that go regularly without kids and enjoy it more. Besides I just love hearing A.J.'s voice!!! She's awesome!!! The total bomb!!!

  9. filipa lima

    I can't believe Disney is going to let go of the magical express! What about internacional travelers? I Have such good memories in that bus

  10. Vicki Pierce

    I'm with you, AJ. Cheese burger spring rolls are INCREDIBLE …. the pepperoni ones, not as much. Lesson for me, get two cheese burgers!

  11. Vicki Pierce

    Flight of Passage is a "GASP" ride for me …. meaning, at that first moment of flight on the banshee, I audibly gasp. It happens every time. I have the same experience on Soarin' and watching the fireworks, any fireworks!

  12. far22186

    In line for rise now. Was disappointed at 7 but got in at 1

  13. gregonfire1

    I actually love the blue milk, I get one every time I’m at the park

  14. Trippy Commentaries

    So in a video about Disney letdowns you lead with Pandora?? Yikes that is a terrible take

  15. William Lund

    I totally disagree with the results. All of those rides are fantastic!

  16. Being Nicole Celeste

    We are going in July and I have to say I’ll be very sad to see Magical Express go. I’m very lucky we get that perk one last time but it is part of what makes Disney vacationing easy…it is one less thing I have to worry about! I hope they have another option to replace it…

  17. msdartm

    Not having fast passes is totally a deal breaker for me.

  18. J J

    These videos are fantastic! A must watch for anyone planning to visit Disney World.

  19. FriscoKidd

    Having to skip our annual trip. Hoping to go back in 2021. Before this is was rooms that REALLY needed to be refurbished.

  20. JoSalvador

    The Pandora boat ride needs more animatronic for sure! Let’s hope Disney does that in the future

  21. Amy Shaw

    I'm okay with the no free magic band if it encourages reusing them. I once ended up with two for one trip because it was cheaper to fly in the day before and book a one night stay at Disney. Of course, two bookings = two magic bands even though we just moved down the hall.

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