Eating NON-STOP For a WEEK in INDIA!

India was full of food and was an unforgettable experience! Thanks for watching the India series guys(:

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  1. Desi Avenger

    First time, the focus was not on food. ☹

  2. Happy Aaron

    Cows are basically immortal in India. I have seen cows cross highways with impunity. People would not see a dog 10m away but they will see the cow in their dreams. Even the drunkards stop their vehicle and let the cow cross. Poor dogs!

  3. Pei K

    Any time Jasmina shows up she makes me smile, she's a pleasant energy in your vids, Mikey :). and Naan is soooooooo good.

  4. Vian Santiago

    I hope they wash their hands before handlings those foods.. damn… Lol

  5. Nitesh kumbhare

    Only foreigners call rickshaw (auto)a tuk"tuk"………

  6. gardini100

    must say India have great food , even vegan food taste fantastic with a touch of India

  7. nivaan artist

    When u r coming back to india???

  8. Spyro Triskelion

    Jeepney is only available in Philippines my friend =) hehehe

  9. No Comment

    Poor Guy had the worst food poisoning of his life going to India. Lasted 2 weeks while he got back home. What puts me off going the hygiene and cleanliness.

  10. Shah Awan

    That girl your with is super cute. What’s her IG?

  11. Ruman Mian

    Harold and kumar go to india

  12. Pocket Picker

    Did you also have non stop bowel movement?

  13. Talha Yusuf

    So, this jasmine broke your heart ?

  14. MsLilpj


  15. Vinay Mudayanuru

    You go ti hyd and did not try chutneys, minerva coffee shop, Kakatiya mess, bawarchi Biryani. Very poor homework before going there. You just wasted so much valuable time.

  16. TheDrzhivargo

    cmon man 3 bedrooms?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. Bob Mag

    while every one has demonized, this guy shows food is good to nourish mind body and

  18. kathraw

    So you title this video eating non stop in India then you don’t really show or explain any of the food?

  19. mnym8ts

    Omg why do all these foreign countries beep their bloody horns that would drive me insane

  20. Mary Jablonski

    Seeing all the street dogs makes me so sad.;(

  21. Faria Mahin

    I think you should go to Bangladesh Mikey. I'm telling you that you won't regret it. please please.

  22. bob star

    Don't get me wrong Indian food is amazing but I would not eat street food.

  23. Caster Kwak

    Mikey, the white girl, and the Asian guy in India. What a great show!

  24. Mac lovin

    The one with the red shirt looks like Mia khalifa

  25. Sushi

    I also eat non-stop for about 17 years now

  26. Matt 19

    The beeping of horns would get right on my tits. There's no order to the traffic. Everyone just beeps. Someone sell them some traffic lights.

  27. Avantika

    Visit northern states of india too. They are awesome

  28. Barak Kahar Yasharahla

    Mike one mosquito can only bite you once. You had multiple mosquitoes. They were all females because the males don't bite.

  29. Vedant Harmalkar

    Did anyone saw the man staring at mike from another car

  30. Lonna R

    So far haven't seen any review of the food. That speaks volumes!

  31. Tony G

    When are you going back to India mike? There is so much more you still need to explore. Go to Delhi, Lucknow, Amritsar, Goa, Kerala, Ahmedabad, Surat , Jaipur Bangalore for your next trip.

  32. Max Tate

    2:29 that's an auto lol, short for automatic.. it's an automatic rickshaw or an auto- rickshaw.. 'tuk-tuk'?soo cutee,lmaooo

  33. Ayuush B

    Hey Mikey! You should definitely visit Bangalore the next time you're here. The Garden City and the Silicon City of India has some of the most amazing food, weather, people and experiences to offer :')❤️

  34. Ayuush B

    Hey Mikey! You should definitely visit Bangalore the next time you're here. The Garden City and the Silicon City of India has some of the most amazing food, weather, people and experiences to offer :')❤️

  35. sandeep kumar

    Ahh about 7:57, you got it all wrong my friend, I know you are being nice here but frankly there is no such thing as clean in India. It’s just your companion that shows the perspective but the variations happen almost every 10meters and sometimes even every 10 seconds. Everything in India is nothing but unexpected, that’s how we love to live every freaking day.

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