Eating the Most EXOTIC Food in Cebu Philippines (Exploring Camotes Islands)

We discover the hidden unique dishes of Cebu, from nilarang (pufferfish stew) to bakasi (saltwater eels)! We also catch and cook our own food in Camotes Islands, an island paradise far off the east of Cebu.

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Big thanks to Raymund Gaudiano Sande for taking us around Cebu! If you need a guide to show you around, you can reach him at: 0997 214 8381 / 0927 733 0504

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  1. Erwan Heussaff

    The Fat Kid Inside CEBU t-shirt is out and is in limited stock! get yours today

  2. Reign 517

    The content of your videos man, is spectacularly-wonderfully-awesome…you deserve more subs.

  3. Theresa Mata

    You are very right about Camotes. Its very enchanting. But i was hoping you'd stop by at Danao City to try our Tinap-anan. Maybe nextime.

  4. Hallu Cinogen

    Your videos are well researched. Love how you went to Pasil and that Pungko2 place in Fuente

  5. Grah_Xiah

    Everytime i watch your video in which you are eating i feel even more hungry ….and i love your videos featuring our own country.the foods and places…i feel like i am already ther too….no regret that i subscribed on your channel and solen ..worth-watching..not just because i love Anne and your bonding with solen as siblings and nico for bro bonding…
    Your videos are so informative plus the best music backgrounds that made the videos more lovable …i love your personality….❤❤❤❤

  6. Roteza Gloria Bacalso Cantillas

    Thank you for featuring Cebu Erwan! Come back and explore the South part and try Carcar's lechon and chicharon and also Torta in Argao.

  7. De ku

    Cebu has the potential to become pampanga’s rival when it comes to the food

  8. Bichiri Aganan

    nay,ang original nga Larang naa sa Cordova

  9. rob171081

    What’s the addresses for the places he stops and eats ?

  10. Banana Feels

    can someone give me the directions of the tuslob buwa?

  11. suqarbearx

    Introducing.. Cᴏʀᴏɴᴀᴠɪʀᴜs.

  12. Nicole Godoy

    Tuslob buwa = double dipping but who cares

  13. Miss Shine

    This guy should be awarded

  14. hamishio Damayo

    Nelarang tuslo buwa pungko pungko, may kulang pa po lechon chicharon sa car car cebu

  15. NJL Jelay

    I dream to travel like this.

  16. Sherwin Soriano

    Sa tanang bisaya nga Youtuber diha.
    Ali tinabangay ta! Hit the like button and I'll subscribe to your channel.
    Padayun sa paglambu mga igsuon!


    So very Delicious sir your fish cook

  18. Jeff Uy

    very nice…. but i heard Erwan said "going back to Danao City…" Nope… not a city

  19. Janiceziieee Esperat

    Watching this video, literally makes me want to travel Cebu<3 ugh.

  20. Judi Carnable

    God! Please clone many Erwan's on earth.

  21. cherrylyn pabayo

    Hi Erwan and Annelove you both

  22. Reynaldo Jr. Jimenez

    Your channel so Informative content!
    Thanks for sharing the experience.

  23. jieward muaña

    Orayt!! Camotes, my Home town. #OneCebu
    Thank you for visiting 🙂

  24. mj shaw

    wow i cant believe he already discover our island CAMOTES ISLAND its so amazing

  25. Biosphere Plays

    Hey erwan, that fish isn't the poisonous one



  27. Tiarra Villaneda

    Pungko pungko is the best but you should try also the ngohoing

  28. Tiarra Villaneda

    And puto maya and sikwate in cebu

  29. Banana Feels

    bro someone tell me where that pungko2 is

  30. anne rabe

    I just reaaally love erwan ❤️

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