Extreme MEXICO CITY STREET FOOD TOUR with 5 Mexican Guys CDMX!

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I met up with 5 Mexican Guys (https://goo.gl/ankJN3, and they just started their channel since I met them, so go check them out!) to go on an ultimate Mexican street food tour of Mexico City. It was one of the greatest food days I had in Mexico, and we tasted so many incredible dishes.

La Esquina del Chilaquil – For breakfast in La Condesa, there’s no better place to check out than La Esquina del Chilaquil, their tortas are delicious.
Price – 40 MXN ($2.14) each

Mercado de San Juan – I wanted to quickly check out this market, but it wasn’t all that busy when we went – there wasn’t too much going on. So we had a quick scorpion and then continued on to the ultimate street food market.
Scorpion – 160 MXN ($8.54) for 4

Mercado de La Merced – Mexico City is packed with street food, but if you want a food experience that’s busy, in your face, and always exciting and delicious, Mercado de la Merced is one of the greatest places to start. You’ll encounter massive amounts of street food that will blow your mind with how delicious they are. Here are the things we ate at the market:
Quesadilla – 57 MXN ($3.04) for 3
Fries tacos – 20 MXN ($1.07) each
Pancita – 40 MXN ($2.14) per bowl
Mamey – 15 MXN ($0.80)
Mango – 15 MXN ($0.80)

Churrería El Moro – This wasn’t street food, but we needed a little afternoon break, and there’s no better spot in Mexico City for churros than Churrería El Moro.
Total price – 439 MXN ($23.44) for all

Esquites – 20 MXN ($1.07) – After walking around El Zocalo – the center of Mexico City, we then had a corn snack os esquites where they add corn, mayo, cheese, and chili salsas to a cup. It’s pretty tasty.

Loncheria La Rambla – Next we tried a Mexican style turkey sandwich – it was alright, but not the best food of the day.
Torta de pavo – 35 MXN ($1.87) each

Taquería Los Cocuyos – And finally to end this Mexico City street food tour with 5 Mexican Guys, we headed to Taquería Los Cocuyos, a legendary taco stall in the heart of the center of the city. The tacos are amazing, and it was the perfect was to end this day of incredible Mexican food.
Tacos de cabeza – 17 MXN ($0.91) each

Again, thank you to Moises and 5 Mexican Guys for reaching out! Check them out here: https://goo.gl/ankJN3

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    An incredibly delicious day in Mexico City! Go check out 5 Mexican Guys: https://goo.gl/ankJN3

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