Food Court of Makkah Clock Tower | Saudia Arabia

During my visit to Makkah i often had lunch at the food courts of Makkah Royal Clock Tower, have a look at the inside of the mall and the delicious food you can have there.

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  1. happy's world

    What was the price of sheekh kabab menu?


    Wah Zia Bhai, have a wonderful year ahead !!


    Really Miss Mekkah, best days of my life I spend 30 years in KSA

  4. Tayyab siddiqui calligraphy

    Calligraphy name k liye Niche diye Gaye link ki video pr comments kren or Arabi me apna name likhwayen

  5. Nayyar azam

    Allah Tahla Mujhha Mahri Family Ko Bhi Umrah Aur Hajj Ki Sahadahd Naseeb Kardah Ameen Summa Ameen InshaAllah Tahla Yah Rabulalamin MahshAllah Alhamduhlillhla Shubhan Allah Allah-O-Akbar


    Arze muqaddas ka video ho or usme background me music chal Raha ho ye munasib nahi

  7. Urooj

    I m not looking full video WHY SITAR .MUSIC ON BACKGROUND .HAVE U LOST UR SENCE ?

  8. Asif Amber

    پتا نہیں کیو پاکستانی اتنا برا کرتے ھے سعودیہ میں جب سعودیہ گھی تھی تو سب سے برا اخلاق پاکستان پنجاب کا تھا

  9. Sharjeel siddiqui

    Alhumdu Lilah Benn here. Apart of Al baik. Every restaurant there deserve to be shut down. All DIY type of food no quality, just expensive.

  10. Muntaha Farooq

    Price bhi mention Kya karain sath sath..

  11. Tommy TranTV

    I Love Saudi . I am living in Saudi . Hello everybody . I am Vienamese

  12. Tauseef Kakakhel

    Mashallah very beautiful place in the world

  13. Chirag Patel

    Hii brother ..m watching yur videos frm last few days …m frm usa in indian hindu..I Wan ask u.can hindu visit macca madina as I like so much frm childhood even Wan deep wish to pakistan too…..plz. reply..

  14. Esa Creations

    Music contains must be avoided in video


    Mjhy ALLAH dubara makkah bulay main last year makkah say ho kr aya yahan ka food alhamdulillah bht tasty ha and plz pray for me that ALLAH will call me again i am just 20 year old and wanna go back to makkah send my all life there an amazing place

  16. Mustapha Ahmed


  17. Alexandra Cuco

    deliciouse i want also my brotjer have agriculture food to sell and i have Isarel secrets from agriculture in desert to share

  18. Qhulahku grosir

    next you must try,indonesian food.
    bakso grapari
    abraj al bait p3

  19. Raihanplayz and zephplayz

    Invitation of Allah I was there twice in 2015 Hajji and 2017 Umrah alhamdulilla

  20. Knowledgeable Tv

    ابيع تسالي الهنديه في المكة المكرمة تفضلو على instagram
    Tasali hindi

    Selling tasali hindi on imstagram in makkah come to my insta.
    My insta (tasali hindi)

  21. Aditya Kusumayanti

    Asalammualaikum…Love from Indonesia…

  22. Aditya Kusumayanti

    Saya jadi laper ni…..perut jadi keroncongan lihat makanan yang enak enak…..ha ha ha ha ha…

  23. usama chugtai

    Music is prohibited in islam so plz avoid

  24. Sulaman Khan

    Music hatado masjid ka hasa video ma

  25. Kiran Siddiqi

    Zia Bhai v r waiting for your new vedio.

  26. عبدالملك القرشي الزهراني

    When you go to Mecca again, you have to communicate with her people in the section, she didn't eat any popular food in Mecca.

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