Food in Florida!! 🦐 SWEET PINK SHRIMP + Yellowtail Snapper in Key Largo, USA!

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After eating some amazing alligator kebabs and frog legs (, we continued our day trip from Miami with a drive out to the Florida Keys, more specifically Key Largo. What awaited us was some more amazing fresh and local Florida seafood!

Key Largo Fisheries – Key Largo, Florida – First we stopped at Key Largo Fisheries, a wholesale seafood distributor and supplier, but they also have a nice restaurant at the pier. You can buy fresh seafood to go, or sit at the restaurant to eat. We sat at the restaurant and ordered a few dishes including an amazing mixed plates of Yellowtail snapper, Key West Pink Shrimp, and Florida lobster. All the seafood was extraordinarily fresh and delicious.

The Fish House – Key Largo, Florida – Next up on this Key Largo, Florida seafood tour, we stopped at The Fish House to eat, Fried Conch, Smoked Fish Dip, Tuna Nachos, and Stone Crab. The stone crab legs are just amazing, but I also really liked the smoked fish dip and the fried conch here. Nice laid back place, great community feel, and delicious food. For dessert, we could not leave the Florida Keys without key lime pie, and it was fantastic!

It was nice to get out of Miami and see just a little bit of the Florida Keys, and the amazing seafood they have to offer!

Thanks again to David Hoffman ( for taking us around his hometown of Miami.

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  1. Mark Wiens

    Hope you are having a great day! This video was filmed back in January 2020, that's why we are not wearing face masks and sharing food. But now, please take safety measures by wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing your hands frequently. Be careful, and stay safe. Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected in Florida and around the world right now.

  2. Michael Lewis

    Do you say “Wow” when you eat lucky charms??

  3. ellen leary

    All he ever days/does is roll his eyes, say "ummmh, melts in your mouth". With everything. WTH? I could do that. For free food. What a joke. Knows absolutely nothing about food other than it's free food. Just curious. Does his wife, who pays for all his travels, ever get to eat while caring for their 6 month old?

  4. Ruth Thomas

    They have great barber shops in the Keys Mark- your shagalicious

  5. Gina Disbrow

    Watching and liking this video as a sub, I long for the return of those carefree days. I pray to our great Heavenly Father, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ, for a quickened returned to our beloved normalcy.

  6. Carlos J Grajeda

    I just tried these two restaurants on my recent trip to Key West last week. Thank you for the recommendations @Mark Wiens

  7. Texas Boy

    Reminds me of our visit to The Bergen Norway fish market. Just like this! Yummmmmm

  8. salaman lisa

    Hi went are coming to Orlando Florida.?

  9. Candace Braxton

    Love your channel Mark!! Hope to see more of Micah and Ying!!! Stay Safe!

  10. Rebecah Boynton

    OMG I'm so stoked to see Ying and Micah in the States!!! I love that she gets to travel with you and take Micah. I love Ying.

  11. Rebecah Boynton

    Why isn't Ying sitting with y'all?

  12. Rebecah Boynton

    I would love to see Ying's reactions to all this Florida food.

  13. Mary Banks

    When I was in Key West, Florida I had to get a key lime pie. Mr Mark I really enjoy watching your videos and seeing your family

  14. Jules Balle

    Why, why, why do I watch this at 8am in TX ???? (As he checks Southwest schedules)…..

  15. Marvin Hesler

    Mark u should visit new Orleans cajuns

  16. Martha Lenhart

    Love Ying's photo bombing. Her smile is so sweet. Great to see you always have your family with you, Mark.

  17. GeNeSiS

    4:56 he pushes his hand away lol

  18. Sam Naughty

    It looks so yummy!!! ❤️

  19. Jeffery O'Bryan

    The lesson here is if you love fresh seafood, and a wide variety thereof, south Florida is where you go to retire, period!

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