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Every year around this time, I think about doing a gingerbread house video. I think about all the hours of prep, assembly, and final decorations; and after I think about all that for a few minutes, I quickly dismiss the idea, and move on to some other holiday-themed recipe, like these incredible gingerbread biscotti. Enjoy!

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  1. SuZiKaT22

    If you don't like coffee, I feel like these would also be exceptional with hot apple cider. Mmmmm

  2. Adam Labonte

    Between the butter and brown sugar and the white chocolate tempering comment, this may be the horniest Food Wishes video

  3. KYoss68

    The recipes aren't printable.. When you try to print a recipe; a little notifications banner that isn't actually on the webpage is sent with the printable file and it obscures the top of the printing page. On my printed pages it obscures the first 1-1/2 steps of the instructions. I downloaded the page to try to print it from a local file but the page is unusable when loaded locally. What ever happened to simply making a printable text file or pdf?? I want to make this recipe but my computer is in my office, not my kitchen……………….

  4. Waris Amir Mohammad

    that's the neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong cannon

  5. Sharon Mueller

    Chef, you merge the best things in life, -excellent food, very funny dry humor (amazing delivery, truly), and not taking yourself too seriously. Watching you cook, I learn, laugh, and love how you manage to effortlessly, offhandedly and intelligently tickle my funny bone. Mickey Mouse, indeed!! I love biscotti and will try this.

  6. fatmandoubblescoop

    "micky mouse? was it micky mouse?" lmao, I love this guy

  7. Bethany Stanley

    I’m addicted to this recipe. I’ve made 2 single batches and 2 triple batches in the last week.

  8. ammcello

    Can you put subtitles? I can’t listen to your voice.

  9. Gerri Mcloughlin

    Declumpification, my favorite word of 2020. What a lovely recipe!

  10. Talia S

    It was not "Mickey Mouse."

  11. Lori Belezzuoli

    Made these yesterday. Absolutely delicious! This recipe is definitely a keeper! Thank you, Chef John!

  12. ChupaMe

    Two thumbs up! We made a double batch last weekend. Kept some, gave most of it away. It was so good we made another double batch yesterday. Gave some to the neighbors and kept the rest.

  13. Wendy Denney

    The “Crunch Man Cometh”…. I love this dude and all his witticisms and made up words. You rock my heart’s desire as a fellow foodie. You are the “Rick Steves of gastronomica”! No morning feels right without a cup of coffee and a Chef John video.

  14. Queenofmeow

    Chef John is why I always have cayenne pepper stocked in my spices lol

  15. Kris R

    I made this for Christmas and it was INCREDIBLE! So good and just the right amount of gingery. They would have been perfect if they hadn't accidentally been baked a third time when I turned the oven on to do the ham and didn't realize my sister had set the pan in the oven to get it out of her way.

  16. Gloria A

    You know the trick of twisting the ends of the plastic wrap in opposite directions until it gets tight? Then, suddenly, the dough log will become even and profession looking! Try it.

  17. Gloria A

    Must do this! What about just a drizzle of buttercream frosting/glaze? If one is not a fan of chocolate.

  18. OIdBIueArms

    Definitely not Mickey Mouse bro lol

  19. NoWasted Words

    I'm a bit late but I finally made them. They came out so well!

  20. Angel Cross

    Is that what their calling it these days…

  21. Andrea M.

    Chef John is positively naughty in this video!

  22. Wise Gal

    "If you wanna make it a little challenging and exciting, you can use a little bowl like this." LOL

  23. Lia A. Eastwood

    So, Decrumpification is the B-side of a famous Red Hot Cayenne Peppers song? I am not quite sure.

  24. Gideon Sylvan

    I hear the crunch is the result of them sitting around in the jar / has become convention since most sit in the jar. An Italian lady gave me some once and told me to wait a few days, so maybe that would have been better. I didn’t have the discipline and the coffee was looking at me

  25. GlacialImpala

    06:02 I promise you one day I will make my dream come true, and the dream is to just take that log and bite into it like a happiest food junkie who ever lived

  26. Faze Nicolas

    Baking powdare? Powdare you!

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