God’s Own Country!! SOUTH INDIAN SEAFOOD on Houseboat | Backwaters – Kerala, India!

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Alappuzha (also known as Alleppey), India – The Backwaters of Kerala are one of the biggest draws to Kerala, and before going, I had no idea why. After visiting, I now know that the Backwaters are one of the reasons why Kerala is known as “God’s Own Country.”

After arriving in Alappuzha (Alleppey), we headed straight to the house-boat, a luxurious floating house-boat on the Kerala backwaters. The boat was beautiful with four full bedrooms, a full upper deck with dining room and viewing platform, and most importantly, a huge kitchen with private chefs to cook us an Indian seafood Kerala meal of your dreams! #IndianFood #Kerala #Backwaters

Ebbin had arranged for a huge seafood meal on the boat. As soon as we started sailing on the Backwaters, the amazing chefs started cooking. There were over a dozen different dishes, seafood extravaganza. The meal was absolutely incredible, and the scenery of the water, lakes, rivers, and lagoons, were spectacular.

For the rest of the afternoon, we relaxed around the boat, and eventually docked for the evening in a small village. For dinner we had a simple Kerala meal of rice porridge, with a few different chutneys, and green gram, mung beans.

Sleeping on the boat was fantastic, so quiet and peaceful, and it was a joy to wake up in the morning ready to go again. For breakfast, they made one of the best egg curries I’ve ever had in my life – one of the reasons I love Kerala so much, curry for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Thank you to Alleppey Houseboat (https://alleppeyhouseboat.in/) for giving us a great deal on a house-boat, and for the amazing food and service. An incredible experience, and truly God’s Own Country!

Watch the entire Kerala, India food video series here: https://youtu.be/WYk5yyHvpvE

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    Thanks marks for featuring our own kerala cuisines

  2. Flat Broke Frank

    I love the food of Kerala – fish curry for breakfast – bring it on – Stay safe

  3. Pathuz Popz

    അങ്ങേടിയോ ഉള്ള സായിപ്പ് പോലും ഇതൊക്കെ രുചിച്ചു നമ്മളെപ്പ അങ്ങോട്ടൊക്കെ ഒന്ന് പോവുക സായിപ്പേ sugalle

  4. Avnish Bahl

    If you want to eat with hands first learn it take small portion of food at a time

  5. Abhishek Dileep

    കേരളം കേരളം മനോഹരം

  6. Lenny Hok

    Wow! I want to visit this Houseboat now!

  7. Edme Koenawi

    People who dislikes this are just jalous and pathetic losers.

  8. C PH

    Truly enjoy with nature .Plan yourself on @t

  9. Lee Stevens

    This looks like a really good experience. I don't even think I'd like the food cause for one I don't like coconut, but I really wish I could travel the world and have good experiences like this.

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