Greek Food – STREET FOOD TOUR and Amazing Souvlaki in Athens, Greece!

Thank you to Tassos for taking me on this incredible Greek food tour of Athens!
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Athens is a city that I’ve wanted to visit ever since learning so much about it during one of my Western Civilizations classes in High School. Finally, I had a chance to visit, not only for the amazing history, but mainly for the amazing Greek food!

In this video, I’m taking you on a one day, all out Greek food tour of Athens along with Tassos. We ate a combination of classic Greek street food snacks, and a few restaurants, including for dinner some of the best lamb chops I’ve ever had.

Here are all the restaurants and places included in this Greek food tour of Athens:

Dexameni Cafe – Our first stop was to drink Greek coffee in this small public square. A great environment, and the coffee was excellent.
Price – 1.80 EUR per cup

Kostarelos Deli – Tassos knows his Greek cheese and he says Kostarelos Deli has some of the best cheese in Athens.
Total price – 14.60 EUR

Mam – Mam is often considered the best Greek cheese pie in Athens, and it’s a perfect street food kind of place. Most people take-away, but they have a standing table as well. The classic Greek cheese pie was my favorite.
Total price – 4.80 EUR

Varvakios Market – This is the Athens central market for meat and seafood. It’s a beautiful market and any lover would enjoy walking around this amazing market.

Miran – Pastourma and Soutzouki – This is a really cool little deli in Athens where you can buy for takeaway or order whatever you see and sit at one of the tables to snack. They are known for their camel pastirma, and it was the best thing we tried – absolutely excellent.
Total price – 4.62 EUR

Bougatsopoleio Thessaloniki – Bougatsa is a famous Greek food pastry. We tried a couple versions, but the best for me was the minced meat filled bougatsa.
Total price – 15.50 EUR

Kostas Soulvaki – Souvlaki, also known as kalamaki is perhaps the best known of all Greek street food or Greek fast food, and Kostas is considered to be one of the best places to eat it in Athens. They grill pork, stuff it into Greek pita, top it with tomatoes, onions, and tomato sauce, and wrap it into a handheld treat. Amazing.
Price – 2.20 EUR per piece

Taverna To Trigono – For dinner, Tassos wanted to take us to one of his favorite restaurants in Athens, a little outside of the city in a place called Kalyvia Thorikou. This is a countryside meat paradise, and they served us some of the best lamb chops I’ve ever had in my life. An amazing meal to end an incredible day of Greek food in Athens.
Lamb chops
Total price for everything – 99 EUR

Thank you for watching this Greek food tour of Athens!

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  1. Ferenc Fazekas

    My friend: What is your favourite greek dish?
    Me: yeah, yeah yeah!

  2. dan ram

    he likes everything!! bullshit review!! when do you go to bullshit tourist restaurants and never have a bad experience!!!

  3. dan ram

    every taste oo that's amazing!! o that's amazing!! o that's amazing!!!

  4. Eberado Singson

    Hi mark how are you nice to see your family with you travelling cant wait your Juniour running around doing food vlogs like you hahaha..i love greek food salad & wrap's – Wow" with tomatoe sauce -something different.. thank you much.. chef watching here from the Philippines..i like your life style enjoying the surrounding especially the food ..i really love love it. …i believe in you it was tiring . God bless

  5. 尤正瑋

    very similar to Levantin food !
    Good and healthy

  6. Kickbrass 5.56

    I lived in Greece 1974 to 1980. I never seen French fries.

  7. Bryan Sanchez

    do you like the sausage yeah yeah yeah

  8. Margaret Common

    The best holidays I have had are in the Greek islands ,must visit Athens now .Playing Greek music while watching this ,hope the stupid lockdowns are over soon. You can not pass on a virus only germs and we have been passing on germs since we were born. That's how our immune system gets strong our bodies know what to do God made sure of that.

  9. Margaret Common

    The baby is thinking when do I get to taste some food.

  10. Ilias Bakas

    Wellcome to Greece my friend!Everything so simple and friendly!That's Greece!

  11. Vasilis Partsal

    1 euro tips afhse ? Re ton xouvarda re.. ^^

  12. Antonis Xenos

    Poor Mikah looks really hungry. Gimme some daddy…

  13. cigkey

    aga ben bilmiyordum her şeyi çalmışlar aq

  14. joe Walker

    every time you put food in your mouth your kid, Mika look as though "Dad when are you feeding me"

  15. Moe 420

    Never have that guy in ur videos again

  16. Oblio1942

    Im not even a minute in, and I dont like you

  17. Slope Nose

    I’m a shamed to say I’m Greek after watching this

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