Grilled Fish Very Easy Method

Leaving aside complexities this video is about grilling fish in a very easy way. I am sure after watching this video you would be able to Grill The Fish really easily. Let’s dive in and check this Grilled Fish Recipe out.

Hope you will like this recipe that we tried.

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  1. Khalid Khan

    Assalam o Alaukum bhaijaan
    Mai jab bhi grill me fish barbecue karta hu tab hamesha uske qatle grill me chipak jaate hain, or nikalte waqt toot jaate hain, jabki grill bhi stemless steel ka hai
    Baraye meharbani isle liye koi tarkeeb bataiye

  2. Shamoon Rashid

    بڑے مزے کی مچھلی پکی ہو گئی ہوگی

  3. Śûrôôr Albalouchi

    ماشاءالله ' تبارك الرحمن

  4. Ahmed Allavi

    MashaAllah.. Seems very very tasty.
    Keep doing the good work ❤️

  5. Nadeem Awan

    السلام علیکم، ماجد بلال صاحب، بہت مزیدار لگ رہی ہے یہ فش، یقینا بڑی خستہ ہو گی، مزا تو تب آیا جب آپ نے ڈش اوٹ کرنے کا طریقہ بتایا، بہت خوب۔ ۔
    ھمیشہ کی طرح دعا گو ہوں کہ اللہ آپ کے لئے آسانیاں پیدا فرمائے آپ کے رزق صحت عزت کاروبارمیں برکت فرماے.
    اور پھر تم اپنی طرف آنے والی تکلیفوں کو اپنے گناہوں کی سزا مت سمجھنا اللّٰہ بہت مہربان ہے وہ بدلے نہیں لیا کرتاے۔

  6. Waqar Sir

    Masha Allah mouth watering

  7. Waqar Sir

    Masha Allah mouth watering

  8. Iqbal Shah

    Masha Allah very savoury grilled fish. But majid bhai, this fish is not a Kala Rahu

  9. M Bux

    Dear Mr . Recipe Trier ,
    Assalam Alaikum,
    I am medical Doctor By profession but do some cooking sometimes and do follow your channel to look up recipes.
    I had asked earlier and am asking again that do we need to wash the mince meat/ poultry before cooking . Because in most of the channels they just cook the meat directly from the packaging. Can you please advise . Thank you

  10. Qarni Food Factory

    That’s Like a Geat Chef Awesome Work You Doing Hard work Loved It keep It Up .Ap Ka Kam Hamesha Kmaal Ka Hota Hai Allah Pak Apko Salamat Rakhy Or Ap K Kam Main Barkat Ata Farmaye Ameen

  11. Moonas kitchen

    Yummy fishماشاءاللّٰه

  12. Mona Alaya

    Well done, will try tomorrow InshAllah

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