How to Make RasGulla – Indian and Pakistani Sweets Recipe – Iftar and Eid Special

This video demonstrate how to make roshogolla – popular bengali or Indian sweets or dessert. I believe it is equally popular in Pakistan as well. It is very popular Bengali delicacy. It is usually white, juicy and succulent. It is very spongy that can absorb a lot of liquid or here sugar added syrup. This roshogolla is sold widely in the sweets store. Whether a student passes test, whether you visits to an important guest or you serve your guest after rich food it tastes simply delicious. It is not extreme sweets. It is tender and melts inside one mouth making it juicy. One makes RoshoMalai out of this by adding malai with it. This recipe can be tried for iftar in Ramadan and an Eid special.


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  1. Happy Khan

    hey thanks a lot for showing the recipe

  2. ershadsocal

    You are welcome. Keep in touch. Take care

  3. TheLeBronJames6Fan

    How long did you cook it in the syrup??

  4. ershadsocal

    If you cook rasgulla in pressure cooker, 10 minutes should be ok or around 15 minutes.
    Thank you

  5. Sadaf Nesha

    very nice recipes..i tried it why its hard and not much sweet like we are getting in india..thanks

  6. Fatima Khan

    Salam can you please tell me why the rasgulla I make at home does not come sweet and spongy ? They always become hard please help

  7. ershadsocal

    YlikumAssalam, please rub the panir/cheese well. Make a good and smooth shape of rusgulla and then boil them preferably with pressure cooker. Let me know how the rusgulla turns next time you cook them. Good luck. Please subscribe.

  8. Fatima Khan

    Thank you for your reply yes inshallah I will try soon. Which milk did you use ?

  9. Fatima Khan

    Could you please send me the full recipe because you didn't mention how many cups of milk and so on ???thankyou

  10. Sheraz Qamar

    I tried it yesterday , They are doubled in size but it's very hard from inside and it's not spongy as the original one .What i made the mistake i don't know . Will you please guide me in this regard .

  11. ershadsocal

    You can just add more sugar to make the Rasgulla sweet. Thank you and good luck

  12. ershadsocal

    Did you put flour in the RasGulla?

  13. ershadsocal

    Thank you for commenting on RasGulla.

  14. Ishita Ghosh

    I tried it yesterday and it was very nice. Spongggy Rasogolla …………mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. M Mia

    i really like the way you explain things. its really simple and easy to understand which is good for me. im going to try the rasgulla today..

  16. ershadsocal

    Thank you very much for your comment on RasGulla. Have a wonderful Eid.
    Good luck

  17. Sheryl Sikder

    Thank you soooo much for posting English receipes for Bengali dishes, I'm filipino but my husband is bengali and I love cooking bengali food for my family.

  18. Sheryl Sikder

    When making the syrup what else do you add to make the syrup other than sugar , do you add water to make it a liquid substance?

  19. ershadsocal

    You can add cardamom to make the RasGulla syrup little flavorful and it is water for the syrup. Good luck

  20. ershadsocal

    You are welcome. Just curious is he from West Bengal or from Bangladesh? Good luck with you Bangali cooking

  21. Vidit Bisht

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  22. Vidit Bisht

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  23. Maryam Nabeel

    guy , its not roshgulla in pronunciation its rasgulla. and rasmalai is not roshmolai 😛

  24. Hoba Hassen

    ممكن ترجمة من فضلكم

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