I ate 5000 CALORIES of Vegan Junk Food | Healthy vs Unhealthy Vegan Challenge

In this 5000 calorie challenge, I ate 5000 calories of healthy vegan food in a day, then 5000 calories of unhealthy processed food in a day! I did this to find out what happens to your body after the eating the two different types of food. Did you know that there is vegan junk/fast food?! Oreos and skittles are vegan! This may look to many people like the perfect cheat day, but let’s see how my body reacts as I show you what I eat in a day as a vegan this month and try to get some gains.

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  1. hárs virág

    Love the content of this video! Amazing to see the changes in our bodies after challenges like this one. Also can I just say something? I am super proud of you! Don't ask why, I just am! All the things you do for us, it's incredible! You are incredible!❤

  2. Adam Waddington

    Isn't drinking any of the calories kind of an inaccurate way to do this? It's not 'eating' 5000 calories…

  3. mille harrison- turnbull

    oh my gosh. the tofu dinner from the healthy food day looks AMAZING is there any way i can find the recipe;))?

  4. Vickie Jones

    Great video!! How did you say you get rid of the bloat? Apple cider vinegar, exercise and what else?

  5. Fatima Hamad

    you are live in Dubai. ❤️❤️

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