Insane Food in Romania – GIGANTIC MEDIEVAL BBQ + Mangalica Hairy Pig!

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This was the ultimate Romanian medieval BBQ meat feast. Huge thank you to Nassim ( and Cristian ( for setting up this incredible trip. #Romania #RomaniaFood #bbq

Meat Paradise in Romania at Ferma Dacilor ( – During my trip to Romania, we went to a place called Ferma Dacilor, one of the most unique and special meals and food experiences of my trip to Romania. The entire concept is straight farm to table, where nearly everything they serve, from the meat to the vegetables and seasoning, are grown, produced, and aged, on location at the farm.

Medieval BBQ Cooking – Not only is the food fresh and local, but they strive to cook things in the ancient way, they way their ancestors cooked – over fire, rustic, iron, and huge portions of Romanian food.

Along with the 110 KG pig they roasted whole, one of the highlights for me was trying Mangalica pig, a type of hairy pig that almost looks like a sheep. The fat is said to be quite healthy, with little to no cholesterol. The meat was fatty and delicious.

Huge thank you to Cornelo and his entire family for hosting us and for making our time at Ferma Dacilor so memorable. One of the best Romanian food experiences!



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  1. robert dobrescu

    This guy is promoting romanian turism better than any culture minister ever …thank you !

  2. thug life

    Szeretlek Mark!! I am a hungarian living in Romania, I simply love this country. Thank you for accepting me and my family Romania. Noroc bun!

  3. tybi12

    reading reviews on tripadvisor about that restaurant…not everybody was happy with their service

  4. marsupiotupak

    Mangalica is present today in Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, and the former Czechoslovakia, which speaks to the historical aspects of its formation and its former popularity.

  5. Radu Vasile Pop

    Sincer omul asta a umblat peste tot an lume dar ca la noi an România nu a mai văzut asa bunătăți, foarte frumos gazdelor santeti cei mai buni

  6. Plutonu' Records

    Does anyone have a link or name for the song from 3:45 ?

  7. Cavou in rate /leasing

    People from all over the world come to visit Romania !!!!!!
    You will be amazed .

  8. Crismariu Mihnea

    Dude, only in Romania you could be so drunk by our hospitality…

  9. Moshe Kohen

    What a fucked up place is Romania.

  10. mafalin coeD3fer

    face ala "miroase asta a coaie" romania tot romania

  11. Chicago Kid

    chef looks like GSP from the ufc

  12. Tudorel Virgil

    Romania is formerly known as Dacia. Ferma Dacilor means The dacians farm. Our ancestors the dacians fought the romans and stoped the roman empire's expansion! We also fought the Ottoman empire and won many battles and stopped them too 😀 You can have a look here ->

  13. Alex M

    Jesus Mark, for a guy that eats a lot you sure are skinny. I wanna know your secret. Do tell.

  14. Gulya1012

    OMG such an amazing food and people ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Siva Kumar

    Wow the atmosphere itself marvellous. Next different varieties of non vegetarian with fresh vegetables. The world has so much varieties for the human to take and taste . That is god''s gift. The world has to accept the real and live with peace of harmony. God has given all the varieties of food and the human to exchange pleasures. The atmosphere and the cooking method with the musician takes to the different world. Absolutely fantastic.. Thanks mark for showing these different varieties for a food lover like me. Keep going and lot more come


  16. Siva Kumar

    Hats off to that girl who she is very fast of cooking and arrange the menu. She is absolutely fantastic.. How fast she is making the menu with smile. Marvelous.. This hospitality makes the Romania in top position. I salute Romania and the people who are living with good sense respect to human . simply superb Romanian people.


  17. BannisterLeo

    What's the deal with him making people feed him? Always looks so awkward.

  18. kram yaj Manaban

    I like the place and the hospitality of all the person there its Great but the most amazing is the Food. I hope I can visit there.

  19. Peter Blackmore

    Hooley Dooley – I want some of that! It all looks so delicious.

  20. Cristina Racasean

    Romania is the country of the Dacians. Not how others want it  we believe we are the followers of the Romans.

  21. demonicinfusion

    Those cabbage rolls look incredible. Wish I had that recipe!

  22. Misrak Belachew

    Tnx for sharing this. Very educational. You make us feel hungry. Delicious.

  23. Mark Rothka

    my kind of place. I cant wait to visit.

  24. Alex Nedelcu

    asta are o problema cu pleoapa stanga! A fost la noi in judetul Prahova la Ferma Dacilor de langa Tohani Gura vadului…dealu mare!

  25. nahn111

    9:56 That's not the real truth… :))
    The real truth is… pălincă and wine

  26. nahn111

    I like how the big boss always has that confident look when he gives him something to eat. 🙂
    He knows he's got the goods.

  27. nahn111

    I feel bad for Arabs after watching this :))

  28. Flat Plainstone

    The next elder scrolls VI needs all of these recipes inside a book.

  29. Marian Nișcoveanu

    8:29 “Mi-a spart [iepurele] și bara de la mașină.”

  30. M. Murry

    Almost every romanian have these kind of storages and cook this kind of food.

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