INSANE Street Food in Turkey!!! 5 LEVELS!!! The BEST Street Food of Gaziantep, Turkey!!!

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►The BEST Street food in Turkey!!! – Get Ready for the ULTIMATE Street Food Tour of Gaziantep, Turkey! Watch till the end, you won’t want to miss this INSANE Turkish Street Food!!!

Today, in this FULL ON Street Food Tour of Gaziantep, Turkey, I’m (The Food Ranger, Trevor James) going in DEEP to 5 AMAZING Locations in Gaziantep with Mr. Taster to taste some of the BEST Street Food in Turkey! You’ll love this street food tour! Watch til the end!!!

To start the street food tour, Mr. Taster and I are going to try the BEST Kababs in Turkey if not the WORLD!!! We’re going to try Halil Usta’s Kusleme kababs, the BEST PIECE of meat on the lamb, like an oyster it’s so juicy!!

Shop Name: Halil Usta
Address: Karşıyaka Mah., Tekel Cad. Öcükoğlu Sok. No:6

After this, we’re going to try Katmer, the BEST Dessert in Turkey!!! A special street food filled with pistachios and sweet syrup and clotted milk!!

Shop Name: Katmerci Zekeriya Usta

After this, Mr. taster and I are going to perhaps the BEST ALI NAZIK BBQ kababs and yoghurt eggplant combo!!! Also of course BAKLAVA!!!

Shop Name: Imam Çağdaş

And next up, we’re going to try the BEST lamb stew!!! With chili, tons of lamb fat, and rice, this was filling!!

Shop Name: Metanet Lokantası

And to finish up the day, we’re going to try the ULTIMATE DESSERT OF TURKEY!!! The Kunefe!! Filled with village cheese, syrup, and pistachio!!

Shop Name: Cumba Kunefe

Thanks so much for watching!

All of the street food in this video was INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!

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  1. The Food Ranger

    Stay safe everybody! Stay home! This is the last episode from our Turkey series, filmed in February before all of this happened in the world! We are currently at our home base in Kuala Lumpur, staying home and practicing social distancing! I hope this episode brings you some fun and smiles and let's all do our best to stay strong and positive! Thanks a lot for watching and being a part of the community!!!

  2. Phil Ankes

    damn i can't just to see it, I wanna eat it!

  3. Volkan Demir

    Keşke Türkçe altyazılı olsaydı

  4. Ömer Özlü

    Is porn allowed on Youtube? That's food porn.

  5. Yağız Akpınar

    this is anatolian. epic people,so kind,friendly. the best people in the world!!!! thank you guys

  6. yalcın kocaman

    ali nazige kadar dayandım! sonra bastım isyanı olsada yesek 🙁

  7. Persephone Spring

    Corona bitsin direkt Gaziantep’e uçuyorum dostlarım. Cennet gibi ülkede yaşıyoruz ama hiç gezmiyoruz, böyle şeylerin peşine düşmüyoruz. Harbi yazık.

  8. malibaba1975

    Gereksiz abartıyı benden başka farkeden oldu mu?

  9. Melci Mel

    Turkish food is number one !

  10. Tanveer Hussain

    hello Mr why are you eating free ?

  11. Zebra

    TURKISH people are nice and hospitable.

  12. TürkOğlu _1453_

    Beyler ciddi soruyorum…yurtdışında yaşıyorum ama Türkiye’deki bazı iller niye Suriye deki savaş alanlarına benziyor

  13. Ahmedow

    Turkey is number one about food in the world


    Bizim her yoremizin yemekleri harikadır.

  15. beratG

    videonun özeti ooo pistaşo wooww

  16. Ruben Nikogosyan

    amen inch uteluc voncor tapen glanderit naturi nenc demqes anum

  17. Kenan Özdemir

    Bonjour cest Kenan du İstanbul Turquie je suis grossist a pret a porter en turquie soit en tous domaine du textile voila mon WhatsApp 00905372308797.cest qn vous voulait pour vous donner un coudre de main soit quai en commercial textile immobilier avec toute mes sinceres salutations pour notre freres et seours

  18. ausgepicht

    I've eaten a LOT of Lahmacun in my time and a fair share of Adana. One of the most underrated cuisines of the world.

  19. AirAssault7

    I guess they really like pistachios there.

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