Inside Transylvania – EPIC ROMANIAN FOOD + Wild Stews in Brasov, Romania!

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Brașov, Romania – In this ultimate Transylvanian Food tour of Brasov, Romania, we started off with a huge lunch, then continued to eat Transylvanian truffles, had a massive wild stew dinner, and ended the adventure with an e-bike ride up the ski slope and Romanian mountain breakfast. #Romania #Transylvania #Brasov

Huge thank you to Cristian Macedonschi ( for hosting us in Brasov!

La Ceaun – Just after arriving to Brasov, we went for lunch in the center square. We tried a huge assortment of Transylvanian Romanian foods. An amazing way to begin this food tour of Brasov.

Cucinino Pasta Bar – After taking a walk through the city and walking the hills around the city, we stopped at Cucinino Pasta Bar, mostly with the intention to try Transylvanian truffles. Amazing.

Hotel Alpin – Poiana, Brasov – From the center of Brasov, we drove about 20 minutes up the mountain and checked in to Hotel Alpin a classic ski resort hotel.

Stana Turistica Sergiana – Dinner was one of the highlights of this entire experience for me, a traditional countryside Romanian restaurant. The different stews, including deer, rooster, and beef cheeks were outstanding. Highly recommended restaurant when you’re in Brasov, Romania.

Cabana Postăvaru – Ski Lodge, Restaurant – In the morning, after riding an e-bike up the side of a ski slope, we had a huge Romanian mountain breakfast.

A fantastic food adventure in Romania, and thank you again to Cristian Macedonschi ( for hosting us and making it happen.

Also, thank you to Nassim ( and Cristian ( for setting up this incredible trip.



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  1. Joaquín López Ochoa

    Colesterol and triglicéridos sooooo hi bad cardiacs

  2. gamedog1 gamedog1

    he just finished eating and 5 seconds later he said: "i hope we will eat again very soon" =)))))))))))

  3. SkeniS

    their not laughing with you but about u ahhaha

  4. Kimo

    Wow, they have such amazing food. I wish we had a Romanian restaurant with all these delicacies here. Saludos desde Mexico hasta Rumania. Yo se que también saben español 😉

  5. Mr Vali333

    we wait you back Mark Wiens . Romania is so Beutifoul 🙂

  6. Matei Mircea

    that's my man … eating 'zacusca' like a PRO :)))

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  8. Carole Fravel

    I have never seen you drink so much alcohol. Not good for you. You could become an alcoholic in this place.

  9. Yina Wallner

    România e o țară frumoasă, Dumnezeu să o binecuvînteze.

  10. John Gregg Soriano

    Thank you, mark. I know now where I'm going with wifey some day

  11. Mchizi Boti

    That tomato look gross,and I think it taste gross tooo

  12. Peter Krouwel

    Luxury eating. Not in authentic Romanian restaurants. Too bad.

  13. Natalie Montanaro

    Those are special red onions from the region. And the zacusca us ubiquitous in every Romanian household. I lived in Romania three years. Also been to Brasov numerous times. One of my favorite cities there. Much of the food is heavily salted and meaty. Not too much variation in spices, but hearty.

  14. Natalie Montanaro

    Branza in Coaja de Brad: sheep cheese in fir bark casing is the best! You can get in Brasov hills. Amazing! My favorite cheese in the world.

  15. Evie Buciuman

    omg this made me miss romania so much :,(

  16. Austine Joseph

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