Jamaica Street Food 🇯🇲+ Market Tour with @Ras Kitchen in Port Antonio, Jamaica!

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PORT ANTONIO, JAMAICA – So the idea of the day was to go to Moore Town – which is a Maroon town, and to find some food. There wasn’t too much happening in Moore Town, so we headed down to Port Antonio, and went to the market, at some Jamaican street food in Port Antonio, and then continued on to have a lovely dinner on the waterfront.

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Moore Town – Moore Town is one of the Maroon towns in the mountains of Jamaica. Maroons are formerly enslaved African descendents who went into the mountains and forests. I was interested to learn more about the Maroons, their culture, and see if it was possible to find any local food. It was a little quiet, but it still was a good experience to walk around the town a little bit, and Matt, Ras Mokko, and I had a good little walk to the waterfall.

Port Antonio – After visiting the waterfall, we continued back driving to Port Antonio, to the nearest main city on the coast. Ras Mokko directed us first to the outdoor open air market where we sampled some fruits. My favorite was a star apple – a fruit I tried for the first time.

Country Style Restaurant – Port Antonio – We had a quick lunch of some beef stew and rice at a small restaurant on the outskirts of the market. Price – about 600 JMB ($4.35)

We then explored Port Antonio, Jamaica, for a few minutes, and came across a man selling jerk pan pork, a huge and temping grill full. There was no way we could resist. So we got some of his jerk.

Tee’s Events & Catering – Then for dinner we headed to a small and friendly restaurant on the coast called Tee’s Events and Catering. The owner was really nice. We ordered some Jamaican steamed fish and escovitch fish, both of which were delicious.

Another great day in Jamaica, Jamaican food, and a fantastic time to hang out with Ras Mokko and Matt from Ras Kitchen.

Watch the entire Jamaican food series here: https://youtu.be/Hwv7KYzjX78

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  1. Highly Harris

    My man Mark was lovin every bite, it was times were he Could barely talk cause the ting so good.

  2. alberto lee

    The Philippines also has star apples both green and purple colored ones.

  3. Jean-François UNG

    A partir de 03:08 genre le mec à lunettes il comprend, même Dieu a hésité sur ce qu'il a dit…HAHAAAAAAAAA

  4. Jr Stewart

    nobody don`t own no mountain in jamaica I`m form jamaica

  5. Lennon Harris

    Mark how could you have gone to Port Antonio, Portland and not go to Boston where the original jerk came from.

  6. Gloria Amaya

    Soon I done with my job I already said we go to Jamaica for few weeks vacation to enjoy all those delicious seafood all those nice people god bless you Mark wien

  7. cody hallee

    I've watched a few of your videos thought I was a sub but guess not but stumbling on to you chilling with moko is sub worthy lol I plan on visiting him one day gotta get my passport and save up some $$

  8. Chronic Awareness

    been subbed to ras kitchen for years and years… still cant understand 70% of what mokko says lol

  9. Prxzidential

    He loves the word Pimento lol

  10. Mark Zucker

    This guys expressions. He looks like hes on acid

  11. Tal Ghow-I

    If they say it is a town then it is a town.

  12. rblenian

    Does Mokko not eat meat? I notice he didn't have anything. – except later on he ordered steamed fish at the restaurant.

  13. Ron Haynes

    When Mark bit into that beef he mooed like a cow. lol Two people that really enjoy their food are Mark and his wife. Bless up!

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