Japanese Curry Restaurant Showdown || Tokyo, Japan

Behold a flavor-PACKED Japanese curry showdown in Tokyo. Here we got Joutou Curry versus Hinoya Curry versus Halal Coco Ichibanya Curry. Who will win? Watch to find out, babycakes!

Omurice Showdown ► https://youtu.be/AUdZ8nxqMz8

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  1. SoloTravelBlog

    Which SHOWDOWN would you like to see next? Japanese hamburgers, pancakes, or gyudon (beef and rice bowls). Leave a comment and let me know whatcha think! (your comment will count as a vote)

  2. Flashlegz

    Let's go get them burgers baby!

  3. Taylor S.

    Let's see some damn pancakes

  4. SloppyJoe11

    I would love to see you munch down on some fluffy pancake pillows all damn day.

  5. MrBf280

    ive never had cheese with curry but that one had me really AFNAR!

  6. Brandon Nakagaki

    cries into his bowl of raw baby carrots


    This video is so spiritually enlightening, it warmed my heart and it touched my DICK! #AFAAR (Aroused For An Apparent Reason)

  8. Christina Hsu

    I LOVE Japanese curry and I LOVE this curry WILD ride.

  9. TrekPythonChild001

    I vote hamburgers! Keep at it, Dustin. You rock!

  10. anxietydown

    Menchi is always the emergency food supply, everyone knows that

  11. Count Mecha Blog

    I'm watching this at 5am and no doubt would love some breakfast curry. I think your coworker has the right idea.

  12. kingkurtis

    Oddly the burger, a bridge between cultures beautifully balanced beef and bread, if you can find out how they prepare it that would also be an enriching experience.
    I've been a gourmet burger chef though so I'm definitely biased.

  13. Ramen Adventures

    6 seconds in and yes, I do like Japanese curry. Nice fucking curry!

  14. whatchadoin yall

    I'm a big fan of those perfectly cooked pieces of animal flesh, so a flesh stack in a bun, aka burger showdown would be a mighty fine time.

  15. TwilightSky15

    I want Japanese Curry now…

  16. Dale North

    This was so funny. Also great choices. My favorite chains ever are, in order: Joutou and Hinoya. Both Kanda Grand Prix winners and more importantly winners of my heart. Please do a gyudon showdown next!

  17. Faetan

    That second one is very similar to the Portland place I love to pieces. Beef curry over rice, then half mozzarella, half cheddar, baked on top and served with the little red pickles. It's heaven.

  18. Wesley Grimsley

    I'm down for all three but let's start with beef bowls baby

  19. Hermaia Moira

    Eating Java curry with chicken, onion, and sweet potatoes while watching this cause it's all I got over here. It's still nice. For doctored-up boxed curry, I'd say it's real nice.

  20. TheAndySan

    Menchi katsu curry with a heapin' helpin' of moe goodness!

  21. Terri M.

    Oh dang, definitely pancake showdown! Looking forward to next vid (:

  22. L. C.

    Definitely looking forward to some oichii pancake action.

  23. Joseph Rodriguez

    Always premium quality, love your channel man.

  24. Burger or pancake showdown

  25. Atharva

    Hey love your India tour video comeback to India for more delicious meals

  26. ysumonkeydude

    My mom told me if i got to 200 she woukd get a darkness ablaze pack i just subbed if you could too!!

  27. Lou Balinas

    omg i miss watching you babycake..

  28. Vanessa Wong

    Voting for a pancake showdown!

  29. Dkunz Cartoons

    A but late but I would go for the Japanese pancake showdown

  30. LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch

    What is the name of the music used in the intro?

  31. Ilyasmoulayramdane Moulât

    Tandoori curry ricu curry tandoori ricu lol

  32. Spiral Lightning

    Hi budm what;'d you film this with a GoPro?

  33. Stephen P

    That didn't look like tuna. Tuna is grey when it's cooked, not white.

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