JAPANESE STREET FOOD – Tokyo Street Food Tour | AUTHENTIC Street Food in Japan + BEST Oden in TOKYO

Japanese Food | Street Food Japan | Japanese Street Food in Tokyo
Check out Japan Wonder Travel and the tour we took here 🙁https://japanwondertravel.com/products/tokyo-foodrink-tour-local-delicatessen-street-sunamachi)

We ate so much good food in Tokyo including tempura, oden, yakitori and more! Japan has some INCREDIBLE Street Food you just need to go looking for it!

Check out Japan Wonder Travel for more info on the tour we took and so you can try some of these DELICIOUS Japanese Street Foods!


Hey there, my name’s Luke Martin with www.chopsticktravel.com ! I’m on a journey to document the BEST Street Food around the world! The Chopstick Travelers are based in Taiwan, where we frequent the best Street Food stands everywhere from Taipei to Kaohsiung. Not only do we feast on amazing street food in Taiwan, but our food focused travels take us on Street Food missions trying unique foods in places like Japan, Malaysia, Korea and Hong Kong and around the world!

I post 2 times a week mostly food, some travel. Street Food tours around the world and the most unique dishes we can find in all kinds of hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Stay updated for my latest video VIA our Facebook page and Instagram!


Always remember that the best part of travel is immersing yourselves in the local culture, and no where better can you immerse yourself than into the Street Food!

Japan / Street Food / Luke Martin / Chopstick Travel / Tokyo / Japanese Food / 2017


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  1. Luke Martin

    Hey guys! Sorry for the long wait on the videos we have been seriously struggling to find suitable wifi…. But we have a lot more to come this is our last video from the Tokyo series next up is INDIA! Right now I am in Italy! If you'd like to see some of that now before the videos come out check me out on Instagram and Facebook – https://www.instagram.com/derpyluke 

  2. alien hiabov

    dont bring this guy back to us! what an idiot

  3. zenlike

    Thanks for sharing; it's an interesting report!

    By the way, I like the Japanese food I uploaded in the following link as well:


  4. Silvano Theuma

    How much did it cost you to get all that food?

  5. Gi Han

    tries to be mark wiens, very annoying

  6. Stefy Silvia Erika

    Hello i love your video,very nice.

  7. K-food Kindergarten

    tempura ~~~ kk compare to korean soup … it is defferent taste ^^ fish ball ~~

  8. ぷぷ


  9. Kristian Morelos

    Out, about, shout etc accent…gosh! Kinda irritating. No offence.

  10. Du Ngoạn Tube

    Wow I like it . Thank you for sharing

  11. カイリューを返して剣盾


  12. カイリューを返して剣盾



    What's with the Chinese music?

  14. 中山健太郎

    The bottles behind of you at 4:36 are not 日本酒(sake) but all 焼酎(shochu)

    Shochu is a kind of distilled liquor made from sweet potato, wheat etc
    It's similar to tequila, whiskey and vodka etc

  15. Christine E

    I want Japanese hotpot! I just moved to such a white place in Canada the most ethnic food they have is Americanized Chinese. One of the only things I miss about Vancouver…ethnic food variety!! Makes me sad.

  16. Billio Fafnie

    맛있겠다. …

  17. mohsin qureshi

    this name india phulkiya it is odinarny in india and very cheap

  18. Damian Pierre

    Trying to be mark weins but without the deadly facial expressions… the "Mmmmm wow" is already trademarked dude..

  19. cynthia lee

    All the street food look yummy. What is the name of the area? Thank you

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