Japan's "Demon" Deer Revealed

Nara deer have a new strain of demonic deer which are terrorizing the cityscape. These wild, maniacal mammalians are giving their docile shika cousins a bad name. After barely surviving an encounter with these BUCKWILD beasts, I have escaped to tell the tale.

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  1. SoloTravelBlog

    ESCAPE from these demon deer to HARAJUKU, baby ► https://bit.ly/30Ta3x7

  2. you tube account

    Ur voice reminds me of Steve1989MRE


    I've never clicked on a video faster in my life

  4. Japan Questions Answered

    Someone better get a leash for these demonic rascals

  5. Kyle Snyder

    Definetly the most TOLERANT demon deer I've ever laid eyes on

  6. Bennet Behrend

    Awesome Video! You're voice cracks me up too

  7. Evan's Channel

    Deer are a bunch of cute assholes

  8. S73V3N0D0

    Hppe you tried some mochi while you were there

  9. Teo Malli

    Hahahahaha this video and the way you talk made my day!

  10. Candondor victor

    Man these deer have some level of intelligence unlike the deer out in the countryside im in and they will legit get themselves killed by jumping into electric fences…

  11. Kyle Turner

    That was the least prejudice mob I’ve ever seen. In other words, BUCK WILD video right there!

  12. Otto Metalkake

    I believe it is in order to call them BUCKWILD

  13. Frank

    After Crackers thrown, deer eats YOU!! …. You're on the menu BABYCAKES!!!!

  14. TheAndySan

    These deer put the BUCK in BUCKWILD, Sweetteats!

  15. Fabbrizio Plays

    I haven't thought about you in years good to see you're still doing alright

  16. Comrade Sankara

    Yeyyyy we finally got a glimpse of those legs and feet

  17. DaveTrippin

    Man the stabilization those point and shoots have is just nuts.

  18. FreakishSmile

    lol I found this channel on the comment section of a game grumps comment section.

  19. TheCoolCarhd

    that's really cool,I never knew deers would be so fearless.

  20. TwilightSky15

    Weren't the deer slowly starving to death when the pandemic hit because there were no tourists to feed them?

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