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I (Jon Fitch) put together this video to show people what an average day of eating is for me. Nutrition from the right foods make up about 90% of our total health. So let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.


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  1. Micaela V. Rosario

    We are currently searching for creative home cooks, foodies and food entrepreneurs for an exciting new reality competition series! Send inquiries to

  2. Jack10alwayswin

    You should really drink some more milk Jon. You are developing a weak neck and that is not a good thing against Erick Silva.

  3. Aaron Kay

    because meat doesn't do anything for an athlete

  4. Jaycron Parkola

    This is how Fitch won today. By drinking two 16 ounce glasses of water.

  5. IamHaddy

    congrats on the win and bonus

  6. utoledo2011

    You're my boy Fitch! great win over erick silva….best of luck in pressing forward in the WW division man.

  7. nephilangel

    Is that TAP water in the oats??

  8. MMA 916

    Holy shit your not supposed to eat dinner that late!!

  9. Hannes Sandström

    Good video exept the FUCKING MUSIC!!!!!

  10. emlooy

  11. Salvador Diaz

    Jon i love you haha. I truly believe you can beat maia.

  12. Max Jospeh

    Hey Jon do you use a specific brand of protein powder?

  13. Max Jospeh

    Hey Jon do you use a specific brand of protein powder?

  14. Pilot Vegan

    Jon I respect you as a athlete and rolemodel for ethics (animals-factory farms meatvideo dotcom) and health as athletes should be (not sponsoring fast food – mcd's crap).

    I cannot believe the UFC cut you and some other great fighters! That takes away the legitimacy of the sport with your amazing record. I like grappling and bjj and kickboxing. Some fights standing some grappling keeps it diverse. Anyways, another org like Strikeforce should rise quick and sign most of the 15 just cut. BS

  15. Pilot Vegan

    Nice bulldog?

    VeganBodyBuilding dotcom, VeganHealth dotorg (Dieticians), PCRM dotorg (Drs), VegGuide dotorg (place to eat near you – tons here in NYC), VegCooking dotcom, MeatVideo dotcom – MUST SEE factory farms. Also free Movies Food Inc and Forks Over Knives (by leading cardiologist heart doctors).

  16. alucardseperdalv

    he has been cut off by dana gay white…why???

  17. Forev Competitor

    I'm still dumbfounded about the situation. I don't care what Dana White says to back himself up, it just doesn't make sense to me. I ain't being biased and pissed just because they've cut my favorite fighter , but from the things I've read on pages like MMA Fighting, I can't help but to think this just has to do with something personal that's going on between Fitch and the baldy Dana White. Fitch has huge fanbase and brings in views, I am truly skeptical

  18. Phatboy3206

    you will be back in the ufc soon buddy

  19. Oknowimrdy

    Damn Fitch, I wish I ate half as healthy as you.. Going to start drinking lots of Water in the morning as I usually wait until lunch to have some Milk.

  20. YoungAssassin69

    who the fuck would want to eat that shit get some chicken son

  21. Jerome S

    Hey Jon, thank you for doing this! It's really cool to see.

  22. azn sensation

    lol no meat? jon fitch huge fan base? dude boring as well. team thiago alves all day

  23. John Joseph

    am I the only one that laughed at Fitch drinking the water from a budweiser glass?  :p

  24. Little Caesers Higo

    Most recent comment in a whole year!!!

  25. Broski MaKorski

    my friend your life must suck with that diet. retire and eat yummy food

  26. Claren Anderson Corbacho

    ¡¡Jon Fitch is the best in the world!!

  27. Grabaka Sennin

    Nice! I'll sample one or tow of these ideas if you don't mind. 🙂

  28. Vanquish66

    Can you do me a favour could you check out my channel tell me what you think

    I injured watching your video keep it up bro

  29. hector medrano

    the 2 16oz of water makes sense ..I will start on that

  30. Al Cameron

    I read somewhere that Jon used to weigh around 240 lbs but I can't find this information online. Anyone have any info on that?

  31. taner raven

    How do you stay for from 9 till 2 breakfast and lunch in struggling with eating 6 meals a day cause I can't wait 4 hours after having a morning snack

  32. John Webb

    Jon stopped this useless diet as he was getting injured in training and losing muscle.
    He went back to meat.

  33. Deep Draw

    What a cool guy. Thank you for sharing.

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