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Anyone coming to South India ( Karnataka ) feels that the food here is just about Dosas and Idlis. In this series about Food, we try to explore what exactly is authentic Karnataka food.

Do follow our Host Prishita Khetan as she tries various forms of authentic Karnataka cuisine in some amazing bangalore restaurants

Please do let us know what do you feel about this video about Karnataka Food and if there is anything that we can cover more. This is Volume -1 of the series and we would be exploring more!

Must Try:-
1. Thallipattu- Nalpaka(Rajajinagar) , Kushi Bhavana- Sahakara(Kodegahalli main road)
2. Soaked Mandaki- Nalpaka(Rajajinagar) , Gramina Thindi (Jayanagar)
3. Davangere Benne Dosa- Nalpaka(Rajajinagar), Raghavendra Davangere Benne Dosa Hotel, Sri Guru Kottureshwara Davangere Butter Dosa(NR Colony, Basvanagudi), Davangere Benne Dose(Malleshwaram)
4. Jolada Roti Meal- Nalpaka(Rajajinagar), Kamat Bugle Rock&others(multiple Branches), Dharwad Jolada Roti meals(Thygaraja Nagar)
5. Girmit – Aksaine Hotel(HSR Layout), Nalpaka(Rajajinagar), Kamath Bugle Rock &Others, Kamath Branches(Basvangudi)
6. Antunde
7. Dharwad Peda- Mishra Peda(Multiple Branches) , Nandini Dairy(multiple branches)

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This video specifically covers vegetarian north Karnataka food for lunch or dinner.
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bengaluru millet

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  1. shiva ponduri

    Do you have idea about dhal bhati choorma.if yes pls let me know where should I get this item in bangalore .iam very curious to taste it.

  2. Shilpahb Shree

    ಮೇಡಂ ದಯವಿಟ್ಟು ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲೇ ವಿವರಣೆ ನೀಡಿ….

  3. Mihir Karnick

    damn you are very beautiful and cute!!

  4. Raghavendra swamy

    Hi Pretty Girl, I Like Your Voice , n the way of talking.. Good

  5. Unknown Unknown

    Amma taai it's not talli pattu , it's taali pat or akki rotti ..Dosa alla dose… omg from where you did come here? Stop you English mixed Kannada do not spoil it

  6. TGF - The Guiding Factor

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  7. Gowtham Karthick

    why you are so elegant and beautiful?

  8. Laxmikant Luckyboss

    For Ur Kind Information Dharwad is not a small town. It's one of the Biggest Cities in Karnataka State.

  9. Deeppak Gupta

    Madam nanna hesru deepak antha. Nanna tande avvru 52 years inda panipuri prepare madta bandidare. Sutta muttalina 40 village 5 6 towns galinda jana barthaare .28 years inda panipuri na serve Madta idaare avvru. Vayaas aadarige prosaaha maadi bandbittu PB road Harihar oppodite Gandhi maidan Davangere (D)ali irodhu please visit maadi u will love it
    Mobile no 9591078294

  10. sonal` yadav

    South indian food is not good for health…. They dnt know how to cook food…north indian food is best n tasty…
    I love dosa n sambhar…but when I came to Bangalore ..I start hating dosa …n sambhar…

  11. random upload

    Ondu girmit kodi .. sooper

  12. hb Singh

    Bakwas you r anchoring yourself and no ingredients and nutrition info

  13. Atul Singh

    North Indian Veg and non veg Thali in kormangala with monthly subscription call 9343958735

  14. Arun Harwalkar

    talk in Kannada and make video in Kannada not in English

  15. Abhilash Dev

    Good going….. explore the things more

  16. shivappa n

    Ma'am Pls pronounce it properly

  17. Nathan Sekhar

    Very interesting & informative Thank you. This puffed rice version is called JAL Muddi in Bengal Nathan Sekhar Sydney Australia.

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