Kochi INDIAN STREET FOOD Tour at Night – Prawn Curry, Egg Dosa & Mud Chicken | Kerala, India

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After driving four hours from the mountain town of Munnar to the coastal city of Kochi, my seventh day in Kerala continued with an epic nighttime street food tour! Join me as I go on an Indian street food tour where I try prawn curry, an egg dosa, and mud chicken in Kochi, Kerala, India!

My evening began at the Coral Isle Hotel, where I went to their rooftop Upper Berth restaurant, where I went to try their prawn curry. It contained six spices including chilies, coconut paste, black pepper, curry leaves, and onions. They sautéed them in a pan and then wrapped them up in a big banana leaf and then grilled it!

The dish looked phenomenal and tasted even better! It contained an overload of coconut with the coconut paste and had a nice spiciness. It was still really hot but was so ridiculously tasty. It was sweet, succulent, and super delicious! I loved the chilies, black pepper, and other spices in it. There was some spiciness, but it wasn’t killer. I loved the coconut flavor and the flavor of the banana leaf, which had been infused into the dish!

Then, I headed out and met up with Ebbin. On our way to get some mud-baked chicken, we came across a random vendor selling egg dosas out of the back of a tuk-tuk. They looked like the tata dosas I’d had in Varkala, like standard pancakes and had an egg mixture with onions, chilies, and other things added on top of it before flipping it! You eat them with sambar and tomato chutney.

It was a nice dosa and had lots of peppers. If I hadn’t known it was a dosa, I would have thought it was straight scrambled eggs! I loved the pepper, and the tomato chutney was so juicy! I also loved the light sambar. Because this was a start-up food truck and egg dosas weren’t on their menu, they gave it to us free of charge. The people in India are so nice!

Then, headed over to Midnight Chicken, a super popular spot that sells mud-baked chicken. We walked through the restaurant to a dining hall on the second level. Our waiter brought it and unwrapped the layers of foil and mud to reveal chicken and rice wrapped in a banana leaf!

The chicken was so soft. It tasted like biryani with less rice. It wasn’t spicy at all. Then, I dipped it into a light but spicy chutney, followed by mayo, which was nice. I don’t love mayo, but this was fresh, house-made mayo. The mud and the banana leaf really changed the flavor! It was also super tender and the spice hit me later. It costs 630 rupees/$8.30 USD!

Then, we headed to a stall selling chicken fry and beef dry fry. Beef dry fry is a specialty here in Kerala! The beef dry fry was chewy and had a nice, crunchy crust on it. I felt like I could eat a ton of it with some beer. The chicken contained a nice masala on it. It was one of the best fried chickens I’d ever had in India. It was right up there with Korean fried chicken and American fried chicken for me!

Because it was now 10:15 p.m. on a Wednesday, our night ended before we could go anywhere else, but there are at least a dozen other great spots I would have loved to have visited.

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