Korean Seafood Breakfast – BIG OCTOPUS + Extreme SQUIRTING Seafood in Seoul, South Korea!

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – One of the best Korean food experiences in Seoul is to go to the fish market, buy a bunch of fresh live seafood, and have them cook it all up immediately at one of the restaurants upstairs. It doesn’t get more fresh and fun for eating Korean seafood in Seoul. We were a bit short on time, so we decided to do it for breakfast, and one of the best things is, the seafood market is open 24 hours a day! #KoreanFood #Seafood #Seoul

Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market – If you love seafood, this is the place you have to come when you’re in Seoul. Much of the seafood is even kept live and in tanks for water before it’s sold. The hardest part is knowing which stall at the market to buy your seafood from as there’s such a diversity and so many stalls.

Stall #17 – We walked around for a while until finding a very friendly lady who was at Stall #17 – I would highly recommend her, she’s fair and she’s really nice, and has great seafood. We shopped for a while, choosing a mix of seafood, and squirting sea squirts. All seafood – 113,000 KRW ($95.19)

Sashimi plate – 70,000 KRW ($58.97) – Just across from Stall #17 we also bought an impulse plate of sashimi.

Next, someone appeared and carried our seafood upstairs for us. After making a round, we chose a restaurant upstairs with traditional Korean food low tables and the ladies running the restaurant were very friendly. They made a variety of different dishes, cooked a few, and sliced and diced most raw onto plates. The benefit of sitting at a restaurant is that you get all the Korean food side dishes. The seafood was unbelievably fresh, from the live octopus (one of the delicacies of Korean food) to the multiple variations of sea squirts, spoon worms, and sea cucumbers. It was a meal of unique flavors and textures, and some seriously exotic seafood. Cooking and side dishes at restaurant for 6 people – 99,000 KRW ($83.40)

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    14:38 face of the woman sitting on Mark's right

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    9:30 You're lucky you didn't choke.

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    Is your wife tagging along for free also as usual?

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    17:19 that woman next to him, her reactions

  5. ahmet coşkun

    11:04 yes I agree to share all my youtube earnings to octopus sign ………

  6. Jojo

    Poor octopus he’s incredibly intelligent – it’s like eating a dolphin, just wrong

  7. The Jisoo

    I like Korean culture n food

  8. Dressed in Modesty

    All that raw food is how you get parasites smh cook your food! Lol

  9. kayoni xo

    The name of this video is hilarious

  10. Hugo Boss

    I am foreign Korean from Germany. I was there with my family, 2 adults, 3 small kids in January 2020. For lobster, we paid about 63€/each (85,600 Won) than for service we had to pay 75€ (100,000 Won) for dishes and 5x small rice cups in a bad restaurant above the fish market. We've been fooled and screwed. Never again. Not to recommend.

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    Are you sure you should be eating raw. Fish do you know what you can get from that don’t you

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    11:24 The lady says "My face won't show, would it" and then she's closed-up 😀

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    Skip to the 3:55 mark for some hot SQUIRTING ACTION!! "I dunno if there's anything more entertaining than watching a Sea Squirt Squirt!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  17. HoomansBagira

    Well. Korean people should stop cutting up squit or other things alive.

  18. Jimmy Tay

    I had no idea you were this tall especially standing next to the heavy set guy.

  19. Tank1

    you know for a fact, the girl was pulling out them squirters and Mark edited out all the naughty talk lol… if it was Sonny hed of been there all day playing with the squirters dropping every single inuendo known to man and aliens

  20. Tank1

    korean people are so nice. $95 i just love the way seafood is so FRESH and Cheap in Asia… so expensive in the UK and its all unfresh and not great stuff.

  21. Tank1

    that guy clearly spotted a winner.. swooped in to make some money to feed his family LOL.. looks like after you get the seafood you can kinda chooose a restaurant and have them prepare it.. maybe i am wrong.. but this guy obviously wanted you guys to go to his place hahaha… this kinda stuff happens alot in asia , but its never done out of bad intententions, its just how it works if you dont do that, you could sit there all day not get a customer and whose gonna feed the family.. shouldnt judge people becuase if that is the case he will put 100% effort into making it good for the people too.. its differernt in east asia.. if this happens in the west. you KNOW majority of the time this isnt a good guy so better watch out.. but in EAst asia people arent the same.. but if a guy appears out of nowhere in teh west of india and does sometihng like that, you BE VERY VERY WARY man… in Korea far east good people . especially south korea the people that are hononrable they dont take tips, or steal anything.. only what is rightly theirs.

  22. speiga

    She is so cute. The lady helping them pick.

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