L.A. Food Tour – We’re meeting up with The NYC Couple to find the most delicious hot dogs, burgers and tacos in Los Angeles!

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Places we ate at in today’s video:

Stout Burgers: http://www.stoutburgersandbeers.com/
Best Hot Dogs: http://www.pinkshollywood.com/
Ice Cream: http://www.themilkshop.com/
Best Tacos: https://www.leostacostruck.com/

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  1. The Endless Adventure

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  2. Ben Jerry

    Your friend looks like Meghan Markle.

  3. iLLiST_Panda

    Next time you guys come out to LA, hit me up on my IG (illist_panda_eats). Pinks is a touristy spot. Earle's On Crenshaw or Chronis would've been better.

  4. Adrian Rami

    I had to come and save you! That taco truck is horrible! The best are on Olympic and la Brea right down the street The tacos are better quality it’s called el Chato tacos .the ones on this video are messy and they make mistakes and don’t own up to them very bad business. We Mexicans call it tacos para borachos (drunk food) they are horrible trust try el Chato

  5. Declan Durcan

    great content, but please consider a camera stabilizer. The camera shake is pretty bad.

  6. debbie badger

    Love me some Burgers with Soundgarden in the background. I grew up east of Hollywood in an area called Elysian Valley/Silverlake/Los Feliz. Love me some Pinks too!

  7. CVLS Chucky Ve

    FYI, all REAL al pastors have pinapple.. You sound like you discovered water… Most importantly it has to be cooked on a spit Just like your typical gyros. They have to be cut as it is served and then the pineapple flicked on top… If you don't show That then you are just spinning your wheels might as well go to Taco Bell and think that's Mexican.

  8. Matthew Ferguson

    Urban Artifact in Cincinnati has some of the best sours!

  9. Robert J. Holtz

    Gingergirl cuts EVERYONE off mid-sentence. How obnoxious.

  10. Sheila Osborne

    Break the tacos down into 2 and get 2 tacos for the price of 1 and it's easier to eat.

  11. JTpopCULT

    I love Leo’s and MILK. Pinks not so much. The Tres Leches and Blue Velvet cake are my favorite things at Milk and the Al Pastor Tacos at Leo’s are great and cheap but they’re better at night when they bring the spit out.

  12. VicDaShadow

    Was hoping that other guy would share his b-roll shots with you

  13. jbird Perez

    koOl video .. at pink i prefer the cheeseburger .. juice and d"lious

  14. kassie35

    sorry ut leaving your channel cant stand the way you all talk with your mouths full off food GOODBYE

  15. LT11988

    Damn I like that red hair blue eyed beauty

  16. JT McAwesome-Face

    My favorite restaurant in LA is Hamji Park (Korean BBQ).
    I really want to try that ice cream!

  17. Pamela Poolian

    Love your videos there so awesome loving the food they look so yummy x

  18. Toni Burton


  19. Urban VIII

    There was a period when you were vegan or vegetarian. How that has changed! You are now MAJOR carnivores. Never seen so much meat in my life. Not passing judgment, mind you.

  20. BoltShippudden

    my taco hack – split the taco fillings evenly between the 2 tortillas.. So you get 2 tacos.. its less messy but you feel like you stretch the tacos to maximum bliss

  21. Valarie Lopez

    They have a Stout here in Louisville! I love it

  22. Oddsoul Sight and Sound

    So you saying don’t get the burrito dog lol

  23. Allen Saunders

    If you didn't like your choice of hots dogs order something else

  24. SerpentVisionary

    Its always the Westside of LA..there's some great places on the Eastside, hardly ever featured! Love Pinks tho..

  25. Vincenzo Vieri

    u should only use green salsa on tacos. the red is just there it's always too hot and not many use it.

  26. Perc Angle

    That pastrami hot dog looks sooooo good

  27. Dmitrik Guajardo

    Im a quarter way into video i hope you show a moco loco from l&l or a mahi mahi with rice and brown gravyvfrom rainbow drive in in waikiki

  28. Dmitrik Guajardo

    Another best spot in the world is neptunes net in Malibu on pch highway

  29. mark walters

    In  heaven there is no beer. That's why we drink it here!

  30. Peter Gabrielson

    Oddly, there is a Pinks Hot Dogs at Lake Compounce in Bristol. CT, but they are not connected to the one in this video.

  31. Lori Hultberg

    I appreciate Eric's quest for the perfect bite! Even if he does eat tacos, hotdogs and ice cream sandwiches a bit differently. Yum! Everything looked delish!

  32. who cares

    I remember when I saw egg on a burger I thought that was nasty 1 day I tried it & good lord is it good

  33. Allen Saunders

    The other couple should have placed a new order to get what they want. Skip your furst order instead of complaining. At pinks

  34. mudageki

    If there's a line at Pinks, go to Carney's.

    If there's a line a Carney's, go to The Stand.

    If there's a line at The Stand, there's always a deli near by.

  35. Gino Tarabotto

    The girl with the dark hair looks exactly like Megan Markle Duchess of Sussex!

  36. WarChortle

    Re-watching these old vlogs again hopefully the RV will be up and ready for more adventures soon.

  37. kelly Johnson

    There are so many amazing restaurants in LA. They have everything. All the places you mentioned are places I’ve never been to yet. And I can tell you some incredible places if you ever go back. Like Porto’s Cuban bakery in Burbank. Or in the area you toured Rahels Ethiopian. Bibimbap at anywhere in Korea town LA. The original farmers market has so many incredible food stands that you could stay there all day for breakfast lunch and dinner and never run out of amazing options you want to try next. InLA but closer to Santa Monica and Torrance there are so many great Japanese restaurants and noodle houses like ichmi Ann bamboo garden. Cash only but best soba ever. Unlimited tea of a choice of three different kinds, green, barley snd soba noodle water

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