Lahori Fish Fry | Fish Fry Recipe | Rohu Fish I Spicy Fried Fish I Cook With Shaheen

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  1. Abdullah Zahid

    Masshallah and zabardust look i try it

  2. Zamurd Khanum

    میں نے آپکی اسی ریسیپی کے ساتھ فش بنائ سب نے بھت پسند کی ۔جزاک اللہ

  3. Usman Ch good

    Isko masala lgany k bad frezz kr sakty ha ya phir haff fry karky frezz krly plzz reply me

  4. Arham Javed

    Fish ko dhony k bad hand kis se dhoein smell ko dor krny k lye plz reply me mje ye bht e masla nzr ata h

  5. samina khurram

    Why to make second fresh batter for the fish , can’t we put everything once ?

  6. Punjabi Munda

    I would fry for about 3 minutes per side, otherwise the fish becomes too dry. Put less pieces in to fry, otherwise too much water from the fish is released and the coating will come off.

  7. Sareen Idrisi

    Agar pics chote hote to kya koi problem hoti..??

  8. Zubair Khan

    فش کھانے کا اپنا ہی مزہ ہے کیا بات ہے سردیوں کی فحش

  9. Maryam Shirin

    Andar to achi trah pkanay kay liye ziada time nai daina paray ga

  10. sm Zf

    Which fish did you use plz

  11. Aleena Maryam

    Can we freeze it after marination?

  12. S A

    fish fry krty huwy masala alag ho jata ha.. masaly me kya daly ky wo fish k sth hi chipka rhy?


    I love this new style recipe
    Fish e laziz
    I am your indian fan mam.

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