McDonald's VS. Burger King FAST FOOD in Pakistan & ANCIENT Himalayan Salt Mine! (PINK SALT)

First time in #Pakistan and when I’m in a new county l like to check out what food items they have the best so I checked out the #mcdonalds vs. #burgerking in Pakistan. I also visited a cool ancient pink salt mine.

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  1. Carl Clifford

    If you find yourself in Singapore during Ramadan, check out Burger King and see if they are doing their Rendang Burger. They are great, basically a whopper with a thick Rendang Daging sauce.

  2. Sunny Lyndis

    I would love to see the salt mine <3

  3. supriya revadal

    This looks so much better than Indian MCD.

  4. Hyper Horse

    I'm surprised that in the Indian subcontinent/Middle East neither McDonalds or Burger King have a lamb burger.

  5. ila Oscar

    Dude wtf, What is Jackie Chan doing in Pakistan?

  6. TycoTyrannus

    So Hardys is just Carls Jr right? One of the best is the 6 dollar burger? Meh. I prefer Five Guys/In n Out/Sonic/Burger King Double Whopper w/cheese/Dennys/Wendys Baconator…..Then a 6 dollar burger.

  7. TycoTyrannus

    Salt lamp is 30 or 40 us dollars you said then you say they are a couple of dollars… which one is it please?

  8. Tyler Pedemonti

    I prefer waffle over curly personally

  9. Jimmy

    Billy the goat chewing gum tho.

  10. Funny Club

    Pakistan's local food restaurants r far more better than these international food chains
    Should try

  11. Crazycorn Gamez

    I am glad he liked Pakistan food better then india

  12. Vincent Chin

    The third thread inversely suspect because workshop orally delight sans a combative texture. ahead, macho thunder

  13. Dan Said

    If a person eats street food in Pakistan, isn’t it likely that he will get food poisoning? I’ve read from several sources that approximately 80% of people don’t have access to clean drinking water (and as we all know, dirty water is the main cause of food poisoning) and so what would be your advice to a person who would like to visit Pakistan but is very worried about falling ill from food poisoning. Food poisoning is not a nice thing. People can die from it. Thanks.

  14. Khadija Farid

    Are you the brother of Jackie Chan?

  15. Stephen Gordon

    That mcdonald chicken looked damn good ! Why can't they do that here?

  16. Vincent Barresi

    Stop editing your guests out your video lol

  17. Kieran Hale

    You should have explored alexandria more! Like the ruins of the lighthouse!

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