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You’ve always got to make time for lunch! No matter how busy I am, I make sure I have something really nutritious for lunch as I am always on the go. Tofu, let’s talk about it. Full of protein and a great way to get some nutrients without adding saturated fats! So, this isn’t just an ingredients for vegetarians and vegans, this is for ALL OF YOU!

For a couple of wicked tofu recipes, along with loads of other awesome stuff, make sure you check out my new book Everyday Super Food –

We also have a load of excellent recipes on Food Tube, but here are two that I mentioned to get you started!

Vegan Choc Pots (using vegan-friendly chocolate) –
Poo’s Awesome Stir Fry –

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  1. Rainbow Gardens

    Tofu is delicious in coconut milk soup, with a lot of heat and lemongrass! 🙂 YUM

  2. nulezie

    I though tofu was really unhealthy?

  3. Sarah Adele Lim

    i use toufu so often! soy in general! i have steamed toufu with minced pork/chives over it. i have toufu in my fresh spring rolls! and i also have toufu with eggs! TOUFU IS AMAZING!

  4. flakvr

    After two weeks of this I'm still baffled to see the transformation Jamie underwent to become a calorie counting superfood promoting 'nutritionist'. As opposed to the eat simple, fresh, varied and powerful flavours. I miss down to earth Jamie.

  5. Kenan Akgün

    Tofu is so good when marinated in tamari sauce, pan fried in some sesame oil and then sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. Great on top of a Asian cabbage salad with rice and veg

  6. Bruck Lee

    Jamie I think you meant micronutrients and not macro.

  7. Sherry Smith

    With tofu only eat small amounts . The Japanese only eat small amounts of tofu. They don't eat a hole bowl of chocolate tofu avocado pudding or a lot of tofu cheese cake. And If you have a cholesterol problem do not eat it every day. Once or twice a week .Look up tofu and use your own judgement.

  8. Green Spot

    I don´t really like tofu to be honest. Maybe its the combination of flavor and texture.

  9. gary daniels

    Wasn't mad about it the first time round, that was quite some time ago, we always thought it was a meat replacement, maybe it's time to give it another go.

  10. acflnnr

    When's the book coming out in Canada? I want it naaaaoooowww 😀

  11. muveemania

    JAAAAAAAAAMIEEE I want this book on kindle!!! I also want more recipes on cous cous, please? ^_^

  12. Heghineh Cooking Show

    I always get so hungry when watching you eat and comment about that food, you genuinely enjoy what your doing 🙂
    Love it!!

  13. Oddrae

    One of my favorite dishes EVER is sauteed chopped portabello and firm crispy tofu over rice noodle soup. Love you for not being afraid to talk about 'vegan' foods and incorporating vegan recipies. <3

  14. Heather Maxwell

    I love frying up tofu in a sweet and sour sauce. Serve that over brown rice with some stir fried veggies is amazing.

  15. ** *

    Love, care, attention, a little restrict & good taste. Got ya! Tofu was the most disgusting thing I ever put into my mouth foodwise! If those vegan choc pots turn out bad I'll never forgive you Jamie! hahah ♥

  16. Margaret Belle

    I had the best tofu at Raw Duck in Hackney, didn't even realise it was tofu – it tasted so good!

  17. Bastiaan Koekkoek

    What's the best brand of tofu in the UK that comes closest to that what you tasted in Japan?

  18. Keanu Tax

    It's nice to marinate it in some soy sauce and sesame oil with some spices like thyme and oregano or any spices you prefer and then just bake it in a frying pan with sunflower oil or olive oil. I use rectangular slices of about 1 cm thick, but you can adjust it to however you like it. I wouldn't recommend silky tofu for this since it is quite fragile and would probably just tear apart. The same can be done with Tempe, also very healthy and very good, especially for vegetarians! Curry cubes are nice too! Bake them in a pan with oil (olive/sunflower/coconut) and when they're about ready add in the curry powder!

  19. Jessica Ann

    Can you make a healthy lunch pasta salad dish for school students to make in the mornings??

  20. Julia Campbell

    I make strawberry cheese cake with it. I use half the amount of cream cheese and the rest is tofu. Taste great and for those picky eaters, they never know.

  21. choccy milk

    Macronutrients are fats, carbs and protein

    Thiamine is a MICROnutrient, not a macronutrient.

  22. LuLu Lovlie

    Living for tofu in hot and sour soup!!!!! Stay Lovlie!! XOXO

  23. Gentle Brother

    I followed an exclusively plant based diet for the best part of a year and just couldn't get on with tofu. It was bland, sludgy and crappy. So thank you for giving me cause to take another look! I really like your continued effort to influence people to make positive changes in their diet. Good for you.

  24. KSamurai

    Mapo Tofu! Must try if you can get or make it^

  25. Lucrece von Kasm

    Hello does your new book include nutritional details and benefits info, like in this video?

  26. tk

    Tofu? Oh come on, Jamie…

  27. Martin Harte

    tofu is good with a curry sauce. it takes on a meaty texture

  28. Fiona Tavernier

    Be sure to only eat organic tofu! GMO tofu is not what you want in your lovely body!

  29. Jan96106

    How can one say women need about 45 grams of protein a day? It varies with height and weight and physical activity. And 45 grams sounds low. I'm 5'6, and all the websites tell me I need about 62-67 grams a day at my ideal weight.

  30. angeliqueinhollywood

    I would love to see Jamie do a recipe with seitan! 🙂

  31. Beatrix Ducz

    I have this reinforest issue with soy. Also I read: "If we eat meat, and the animals who become meat eat soy … the logical way to help stop soy-related deforestation is to stop eating meat. " What do you think?

  32. Trails Trails Trails

    I'm not a vegetarian myself but try to limit my meet consumption to the weekends. I like that you show so much love to vegetarian/vegan recipes recently! A lot of great chefs look down on them.

  33. TacoHorse

    Tofu is an too often over-looked ingredient, as a chef I think its a dream ingredient as it soaks up any flavour you give it while having virtually none on its own, and given the different densities of tofu there are 100s of dishes it can work in, and it also allows you provide protein to vegans and vegetarians in a form other than lentils.

  34. Jen Zr

    Be cautious, Americans. Most of our soy crop is GMO. Make sure you buy organic tofu.

  35. Kenna Gilbert

    Hi Jamie, I wanted to know if you could give me any info on Tofu (and all processed soy products) in regards to the processing the soy bean and how it then becomes bad for the body to absorb it? Or it doesn't assimilate it correctly/healthily? I am not trying to be a debby-downer, just would like to know all the facts and I trust your judgement. Cheers!

  36. jackass123491

    When we have a few people over for drinking and barbecuing my mom cuts it into squares and then she adds green onions, a hot sauce (probably sriracha), minced garlic, and I think soy sauce and ginger but I'm not sure about those. Served cold on a small plate. I think I got the toppings right. I've never actually watched her make it because I'm usually already busy drinking by then lol.

  37. Jesus Diedforyou

    I've only recently gone vegetarian, and am trying to learn to cook with tofu.  I'm trying to focus on learning vegetarian comfort foods.  Please keep the vegetarian videos coming!!!  Love them!!!

  38. Magda 13

    GMO soy is not good to eat.

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