New Mexico Motorcycle Road Trip | Santa Fe to Taos Pueblo

Want to know what to do in New Mexico and how to have the ultimate Southwest road trip? Join Alex and Marko, the Vagabrothers, as they explore one of the most incredible and underrated states in the USA, New Mexico. Road trip with us from Santa Fe, the old Spanish capital, to Taos Pueblo, the longest continually inhabited place in the Americas. Are you ready to ride?

Huge shoutout to road trip companion Super 8 by Wyndham for giving us a great place to stay on the road and making this film possible! #sponsored
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  1. Biglarry54

    Was interested more in the ride along 66 than some the
    Dumb places

  2. Nur cashmere

    Anyone know the motorcycles models?

  3. Kimberly Palacios

    Glad you liked our beautiful state!

  4. Dreamwell and Moe sargi updates and edits

    I live in taos pueblo by the taos day school and alot of people u met there are my cuzins and uncle

  5. Travis Swenka

    I've been to New Mexico twice and there really is something special about it that just keeps me wanting to go back.

  6. fahrradhansi

    Great and well-cut pictures !
    The Triumph is great "Keep It Old School"
    It was my dream …. once to Taos Pueblo in New Mexico – The land of enchantment. I was thrilled, it was a dream trip!
    With these pictures I got longing.
    America The Beautiful.
    Thank you for taking me.
    Greetings from the Teutoburg Forest (Germany)

  7. Vlog By Day

    I love how you explain the location, great footage too! Cheers, gives me inspiration to improve my VLOG

  8. vegantattoo

    Oh cool! You posted this on my birthday! Did you guys get to the Earthships on the other side of the bridge??? I moved to Taos from Southern California……love love love it! Thanks for the video!!!

  9. ted norberto

    New Mexico my ass! You barely even scratched anything. Go route less traveled instead of touarist towns Santa Fe and Toas………..get outta town you clean shaven, well washed nalgas.

  10. Ethel Chapman

    THANKYOU so much for the Taos video.
    My grandfather kidnapped his son .my
    Dad . at age 4.. And took him first too Taos.
    Thru you I get to see Taos.

  11. SpudForceable

    I moved to Albuquerque two months ago and I gotta say this is probably the best move I've ever made (yes I was aware of the reputation ABQ has). I've lived in the Midwest (Ohio and Iowa), Virginia, Arizona, Colorado and I grew up in the LA area. Out of all the places I've lived in, New Mexico is where I'm seriously considering buying a house, it helps that I could actually afford a nice home in Albuquerque. No joke this is only the second place I've moved to where I'm actually pretty damn comfortable with the thought of buying a home and settling down for awhile.

    The other place was Colorado Springs, but it's getting pricey up there.

  12. nurani media bhola

    নূরানী মাদ্রাসার ছাত্রদের কি দারুন প্রদর্শনী haw to Islamic … › watch

  13. Jesus A Covarrubias

    Easy Rider was what sparked my motorcycle travels. Thanks for the info, since the last time I was Taos was 1985.

  14. John H

    Good Day All : At time about 21:55 you've had a freak light snowfall , isn't that something . Who would expect that at that time of year . As you said , you filmed in almost summer time . I,m writing to you from Toronto , Ontario up in Canada . It's almost summer here in Toronto (second Saturday in May) I,m on the north shore of the great Lake Ontario . At precisely the same time as you said "it's snowing" it started to snow right hear in Toronto . Isn't that something ! Maybe this means you tube can transmit snow ! I liked you're video , very informational . I always thought of New Mexico as being hot sunny and arid all the time . I wouldn't have known you'd get snow in Santa Fe . L O L

  15. Bert Birge

    Thought this was gonna be a motorcycle trip not an art show… no sub for you clowns.

  16. tyrone biggums

    Do you guys cut each other’s hair?

  17. Arrivals & Departures

    I'm so sad that I didn't get around to Meow Wolf! Loved that you covered it!

  18. Marielle

    Taos Pueblo is such a quite and gentle space I can't imagine how annoyed the people who were in the houses at that time must have been hearing a motorcycle in the middle of such a quiet place haha.

  19. Francis Ebbecke

    I seem to remember a movie around 1969 about two guys from California who passed through Taos area. They had some good times, got in jail in Taos, and things really turned south for them in Louisiana.

  20. George Shepherd

    DH Lawrence was a big NM lover.

  21. Mel Ramirez

    More footage of where you are while you are talking would be better.

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