Noida (Brahmaputra Market) Food Tour – Afghani Shawarma + VEG KEBAB + Dahi Golgappe

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The Brahmaputra market is one of the oldest markets in Noida that is a popular shopping and food destination for the locals. After sundown this place transforms into a gastronomic paradise pervaded with food items varying from kathi rolls and momos to chaats and chicken biryani. So in this episode of our Delhi NCR food series, we are visiting this famous market along with our host Sanyukta Nath who is a gourmet and a local, to sample some lip-smacking street fare

Our first stop was an old South Indian joint named Lakshmi Coffee House. It is a quaint restaurant serving popular and authentic South Indian fare. We ordered a paper dosa. True to its name, the dosa was pleasantly crisp and hearty and so were the coconut chutney and sambar that accompanied it.

The second stop was the popular Evergreen Chaat shop. We tried one of their bestselling Chaats i.e the Papdi Chaat. This zesty thing qualified all the criteria(components, tastes and textures) of a good Chaat. However it was this unique touch of a topping of spiced peanuts that gave it an extra edge.

Then we headed to Bombay Bhel Puri for that tempting plate of Dahi Puri that Sankyukta had been eulogizing about all through. The super pretty crisp hollow puris loaded with a delightful sweet, savoury and tangy mixture was simply sensational. If you are a chaat lover then definitely give this place a try.

While moving towards our next destination, we chanced upon this stall named Lucknowi Zaika. Here we had the most delicious Veg Kebab that was quite similar to a well done Galauti kebab in taste, texture and flavour. This humble delicacy made with lentils, soya nuggets mince and raw banana was indeed a revelation.

In no time the weather turned bad and it began to rain. But neither did it dampen the spirit of the vendors nor ours. Thankfully in sometime the rain stopped and the evening food market began to emerge slowly.

Soon as the rain stopped and the activity at the food zone resumed, we were tempted to try a plate of piping hot Chicken Biryani from one of the vendors. The biryani was served with a spoonful of Chicken korma and some Chaat masala. It had a fun taste with the chicken being moist and tender.

Finally we arrived at Al Kaif Shawarma stall to have the Chicken Shawarma Roll as recommended by our host Sanyukta. It was a no fuss Lebanese style wrap that was tightly stuffed with a juicy, tender and optimally spicy, finely chopped grilled chicken. We enjoyed this soft and filling combo.

Next was the turn of an Afghani style Chicken Shawarma roll at a cart with the same name. The The wrap comprising of a soft, thick and fluffy bread stuffed with charcoal grilled shredded chicken, vegetable juliennes, seasonings and dollops of mayonnaise was simply irresistible. We highly recommend this place to all Shawarma addicts.

Our penultimate stop was Amar Momos. Their Chicken Tandoori Momos were smoky and spicy, buttery, creamy and very flavoursome. You can sense the Tandoori and the momo flavour coming together quite nicely. The chutneys were brilliant as well.

It was time to wrap up the food tour and so we decided to call it off with a pan. For this we went to try a meetha paan from the very popular Nitesh Paan shop in the market.

Ispite of the weather playing spoilsport, this culinary trail across the Brahmaputra market in Noida was truly fun and gratifying. No wonder as Sanyukta had rightly convinced us, the marketplace is a street food haven that has some delectable gems whose brilliance you can’t escape. We are truly grateful to her for her assistance.

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  1. Kunal Gaurkar

    BP market is the best place for a foodiye. Thanks for exploring it.

  2. Kshitiz Aggarwal

    People really need to travel outside NCR to see what authentic shawarma is like, not the joke Al Bake and the fakes peddle

  3. Rahul Berry

    I could not have eaten half the quantity.. cheers from Toronto.

  4. Ankur bedi

    These idiots don’t even know that’s it’s not Galauti kawab but Galawati kawab.. from the word Galawat!! Such idiots

  5. Gang of FTJ

    Mam ya sector Konsa h noida ma plz bato . I want to go there

  6. Nagasai Voruganti

    I love ur videos so much interaction vth foodies nd stalls…


    Pet me itna jagah banate kaise ho AAP log.

  8. Varsha Singh

    Sir,kabhi Lucknow k street food pe bhi vlogs bnao,khane k liye Lucknow best hai,specially kabab paratha,biryani, mushroom momos.

  9. Debjit Sengupta

    Had been to Noida many times. Nobody told me about this place

  10. Ashwini Khurana

    Sapra Sahab Aap ka bhaut zabarst tarikey sey Dukaan daar bewakoof bana rahe hain Aap ney momos khayee Aap ney khaa butter bhi hai Aap ko patah hai yeh nutralite which is vegetable oil and not butter pls check in future that original butter is used. Pls ask from every outlet u go which butter they are using


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  13. raman ravikant

    Sir this is not actual shwarma,if u want to taste orignal, plz visit middle east cuisine in huda metro station,gurgram,awesome taste,same as orignal.

  14. dilip waghmare

    The name of the other partner should be also mentioned

  15. Mr. XYZ

    And the price is also reasonable.

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