Panjabi Style Pakoray Wali Kardi ya Kadhi Recipe in Urdu Hindi – RKK

Panjabi Style Pakoray Wali Kardi Recipe in Urdu Hindi – RKK

Ye hai meri panjabi style pakoron wali kardi ki recipe. Umeed hai aapko pasand ayegi!


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  1. Sultana Bagadia

    Wow what a splendid way to make kadi

  2. Paula Abdul

    Love your himut, and style wah!!

  3. al does

    I'm pakistani punjabi n we ppl have kadhi with roti n with rice too.we also put potatoes in pakoras

  4. Noreen Ch

    Love love love your style. Ap sey mujy boht apnayiat hai. You look like my family.

  5. Francesca Polacco

    You make all your dishes with so much love and there is barkat in your hands. Thank you.

  6. Kaniz Ali

    I love your pots n pans always they look new

  7. Rehana Mulla

    Asslamualaikum, i want to be like you rest of my life, so happy enthusiastic, and off course positive, may Allaha grant me. Ameen

  8. Nadia Noman

    Assalamu Alaikum, How are you doing? Can you please show how to make in instant pot!

  9. Mohd Jahid

    Aunty apna ye wala suit dikaiye

  10. amina ansari

    Your recipes are very nice but difficult to arrange all ingredients at one place as you do not give ingredients in description box.

  11. amina ansari

    Tried and turned yummy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Sumaira Imran

    Masha Allah zabardast rubi mame

  13. sheba jamil

    Thanks for the recipe. Please give ingredients list in the description box also, it will be easy to note down while cooking.

  14. Neelofr Jhan

    I love u baji… Apki recipe kamal h.. Abhi banai bhi nhi Aur zaban par zayka Aa gya.. Zarur try karugi inshallah.. Aap bhi mujhe duaw o me yaad rakhna. Allah Hafiz

  15. D

    aunty can the preprared kadhi be frozen ?

  16. saad sohail

    mam ap tanch bhata pindi men rehti hen kya??? plz reply

  17. Hafsa Ali

    Made it and loved it Alhamdulilah

  18. suma mat

    I add grated potato instead of palak..

  19. Areeba Awan

    thnx for the recipe it is super delicious

  20. Faisal Duste

    Aur aapke recipe bhi lajawab Mashallah Rahte

  21. Subhan Food Secrets

    waooo ruby anti zbrdast video
    bht mazzy ki recipes hooti hain appkii

  22. Subhan Food Secrets

    aap khud b bht pyaaari hain MashAllah
    Allah khush rkhyy apko bs

  23. Tami S

    Aww, this was total nostalgia, my grandma made these. Where can I find your recipes written in text with ingredients, steps etc, like a printable format?

  24. Noor Fatima

    You explain each and everything very nicely!!! MashaAllah

  25. imran malik

    I like ur recipes thanks u made & share zaberdas recipes.

  26. Syeda Salma Talib

    Love you and your recipes, dear Ruby. You have given an ultimate taste to my cooking. Will always be grateful to you for many reasons besides this, such as feeling an uplift and falling in love with things we do every day as a routine. Please let me know about this orange cookware you are using, want to buy it for my kitchen. You deserve a big thump up.

  27. Beant Singh

    ruby ji mirch zara kam hai or thodi si daliye

  28. zeb khushbu

    واہ ،آپ کے کپڑے، آپ کی جیولری ،آپ کے برتن اور جناب آپ کی کڑھی سب کچھ خطرناک لاجواب ماشاءاللہ

  29. Osama Israr

    i love your all recipes they are the best

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