Perfect Polish Pierogi with Damian Kordas | Jamie Oliver

Polish Masterchef winner, Vlogger, vet, chef and author Damian Kordas made a call out on social media to cook with Jamie and he had to make it happen! Jamie and Damian got together to create some stunning Polish Pierogi, the perfect festive treat, and a staple in most Polish kitchens around the festive season. Check out how they make them and perhaps give these impressive dumplings a go this year!

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  1. Marek Zubert

    That twat is discrace. He was in master chef. I feel sorry for ambassadors like that.

  2. Agata Kaflik

    Damian should have said that we drink pierogis with barszcz(barshch).

  3. Sonia Hamilton

    Those pierogies look delicious!!

  4. Jo Anna

    Greetings from Poland! We adore your cooking Jamie!!!

  5. Aleksander Sieroszewski

    Jamie should invite more polish cooks to colaborate, our cousin is so versatile! im 100% sure it would serve well in UK 🙂

  6. Subramanya Bhat

    His grandma has probably the best name in the world!!

  7. George Gordon Brown

    Jamie, you are the Alec Steele of cooking. How about a collab between the two of you?

  8. Mary Harbour

    alright already , will give it good go ! i love Love LOVE gyoza, this looks like a must try.

  9. Rafał Sawicki

    Jak się te pierogi nazywają?

  10. Ania Nowak

    I’m sure that’s delicious but that’s not a traditional version

  11. luchadorito

    As the saying goes us Hungarians are friends to the dear Polish in szabla or wine cup in hand but we really need to add cooking to the list of things we do together because this looks amazing!

  12. Wiesław Zuber

    This is a fake. These are pierogi, but certainly not Polish. The original stuffing is only potatoes, cottage cheese and fried onion. To make it more fun, in Poland, they're called – Russian dumplings

  13. Giorno Giovanna

    Now that I know how to cook Pierogi, I can finally construct a P.P.G. (Pierogi Propelled Grenade)!

  14. Maks Michalak

    I watched Damian in Polish MasterChef

  15. L

    Pierogi – pasta dough with 1 egg and spoon butter, made with very hot water and kneed. Fried onions 4%, cottage cheese 48%,cold boiled potatoes 48%, black pepper, salt.

  16. alpha centauri

    Thank you for a delicious complex modern twist on a pierogi filling! I usually do the traditional stuffings and often wondered what other fillings could be winners and this is it! I loved it and had a glass of ice cold white wine to pair it with…..simply delicious and I give it 10 stars!

  17. Juhas Buhas

    Damian cos ty odjebal? lipne te pierogi. skwarki i cebulka do tego maslanka i gostek by zjadl cos w koncu 🙂

  18. Nette

    Whenever some chef does a pierogi recipe, 9 times out of 10 they bring in a Polish person like they're scared of doing the recipe alone. It's okay. Pierogi can't hurt you, my child. Also, sweet lord, did I just hear him say, "pierogis?" Nah, bro. One pierogi is a pierogi. Two pierogi is…pierogi.

  19. Eredin Bréacc Glas

    Did he mention that we drink barszcz to pierogi?

    Also we drink kompot in my family but I dont know if it is part of the tradition.

  20. StenCpu

    it's not just a Polish cheese, it's also made and very popular in Slovakia

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