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Try this quick and different #omelette #recipe this weekend for #Breakfast. We just like doing things differently.

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Potato Omelette Cheese Recipe in English:

– Potato 1 cut in round slices
– Eggs 3
– Onion thinly chopped ½
– Green onion chopped
– Green chili chopped 1
– Tomato chopped 1/2
– Salt To taste
– Red Chili 1 Tablespoon
– Cooking Oil 2 Tablespoon

– In a frying pan, add oil and fry potato slices from both sides.
– In a bowl, add onion, tomato, green chili, green onion, and eggs and beat well.
– Add salt and red chili and mix well.
– Now pour egg mixture on fried potato and let it cook for 5 minutes then flip the egg.
– Cover and let it cook until done. Add Cheese and cover. Leave for few minutes.
– Potato Omelette with Cheese is ready to serve.

Potato Omelette with Cheese Recipe in Urdu:

– Aaloo gol slices main kaat len 1
– Anday 3
– Pyaz bareek kati huee 1/2
– hari pyaz bareek kati huee
– Hari mirch bareek kati huee 1
– Tamatar bareek kate hue 1/2
– Namak Hasb e zaiqa
– Lal Mirch 1 khane ka chamach
– Cooking Oil 2 khane ke chamach

Pakanay ka Tareeka
– Aalo slices ko oil main dono taraf se fry Karen.
– Ek bowl main pyaz, tamatar, hari mirch, hari pyaz aur anday daal ke achi tarah phaint len.
– Namak aur mirch shamil Karen ache se mix Karen.
– Ab fried aalo slices pe mixture undail den aur halki aanch par 5 minute pakne den.
– Dorsi taraf palat kar ache se pakne den. Cheese shamil karen aur dhak den.
– Mazedar Potato omelette with cheese tayar hai.


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  1. Hina Shafqat

    yummy and tasty i like very much

  2. Hina Shafqat

    easy recipe very nice you are great

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    I tried and it was delicious 🙂

    Thank you!

  4. cassl14

    How the heck did she flip it so easy! lol

  5. Izzah Baig

    can u tell me that how to make chicken manchurian ?

  6. Yasmin S

    Okay, what is the purpose of making a hole in the middle for potatoes? Why do you need to poke a for the potatoes?

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