Pakistani cuisine is a blend of various cultures which have crossed the landscape of North West  India since the last 4000 years. It is characterized by cooking traditions of the Central AsiaSouth Asia, Middle East, Iran as well as elements from its Mughal legacy. The diversity of various cuisines also signify the prevalent Pakistanethnic and cultural land scape. The heavy and prominent use of protein / meat in routine dishes also indicates Pakistani Muslim identity.

Provincial Cultural Shade in Pakistani Food

Cuisine from Punjab and Sindh are characterized as “highly seasoned” and “spicy”, which is characteristic of flavors of the East. Cuisine from Azad Jammu & KashmirBalochistanKhyber PakhtunkhwaTribal Areas and the Gilgit-Baltistan are characterized as “mild” which is characteristic of flavors of the Central Asian region. Pakistani food is rich, packed full of spice, generous with ghee, and unbelievably tasty.

International cuisine and fast food are gaining popularity in the urban areas. Mixing local and foreign recipes (fusion food) is a growing trend. Pakistani Chinese cuisine, is now a common demand in large urban centers. Pakistanis love for meat has sprung many outlets that are serving BBQ, Karahi, Nihari, Haleem, Qorma, Paaya etc.

Pakistani Favourite Food

Pakistan in an agricultural country where wheat and rice are home grown crops. Many recipes are is use that involve both the main staple crops of the country. Therefore, the some of the favorites Pakistani cuisines are Pulao, Biryani, Sindhi Biryani, Hulwa Puri etc. Here is one link for details of the most demanded dishes…

The diversity of the people of Pakistan reflects in cuisines also,  so generally cuisines differ from home to home and may be different from mainstream Pakistani cuisines.

Food Delivery Services

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